Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cultural Creatives Movie - More Good News!

[image: 3D map of the World Wide Web, courtesy,]
Illustration in 3-D of the actual domains and connections of the world wide web by  George Laughead

"The Internet is not a thing, a place, a single technology,
or a mode of governance. It is an agreement. "

  John Gage, Director of Science, Sun Microsystems, Inc.**

If you look at the image above (colors represent different domains and "threads" of the internet) could look like a web, or the nervous system of some kind of complex organism.

In most Hopi stories about the ending of the 3rd age, it is Grandmother Spider Woman, the  Creatrix Weaver,  who leads the people from chaos into the new world, the 4th World.  There are some legends that when the time has come, Spider Woman will return to show her children the way again.  Like the Mayan prophecies, the Hopi calendar is also ended, signalling the end of this age and the advent of a new era and the beginning of the "Fifth World".

I have often wondered if the World Wide Web just might be  Her latest appearance.

I recently viewed the new documentary by Cultural Creatives  through a related organization I subscribe to, the  Institute for the Emerging Wisdom Culture.   Speaking of Circles, and the weaving of worlds, of the rapid becoming of Integral (Circular) consciousness, speaking of possibilities instead of destruction, speaking of Spider Woman's shimmering web being re-woven, speaking of a new this film!  It's about hope - I'm so encouraged by seeing this!

**PS - did you notice the Pentangle in the image above?  Can't help but comment....


Von said...

Beautiful, always, thank you.

Lauren Raine said...

Thank you Von! I really did find a lot of hope and affirmation in this film........humanity is destructive, but we are also magnificently inventive, creative, and loving. This reminds us.

Valerianna said...

Oh yes! Another film I heard was in the making and now its here!! Beautiful. Thanks for spreading the word. Wonderful!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Off to see this in a moment. Have you read that book? I think it's called Cultural Creatives.