Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spider Woman's Web - Gregg Bradon on a Conversant Universe

 I wanted to share a brief program by New Mexico teacher Gregg Bradon talking about  the Conversant Universe, non-locality, and some fascinating recent experiments with the "dialogue" of DNA and human emotion.  My friend Charlie sent me to see it here:


and I found the program again on UTube below.   He is also featured in a full length film,  The Time is Now.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Inquiring Mind

"Then we shared food at a community feast.  Our procession did not end all gang violence, but you could see the neighbors who had lived in fear or isolation talking to one another about the problems in the community.  disparate community members connected in ways only the language o ritual can provide. "
Jack Kornfield, on ritual
I feel very honored  that my work is in the current (Spring 2011) issue of the wonderful Buddhist magazine, INQUIRING MIND.  More so, in that my piece below is the illustration for an article by writer and Vipassana teacher Jack Kornfield, whose book "A Path With Heart" has been a source of wisdom and solace to me for many years. 

I never had a formal showing of this work, which was installed at Wesley when my residency there ended in 2009 at the end of the semester.  I think in some ways I felt very disappointed about this, as it was a ritual community art work I created for the Seminary, and with members of the community's hands.   I love that the editors really understand the meaning of this piece, using it to illustrate Jack Kornfield's article about ritual, "Language of the Heart".  So perfect - thank you!

There is a synchronicity for me here as well, which I cannot fail to notice and feel amazed by as well.  The theme and title for this season's magazine is PASSAGES, and Inquiring Mind comes out of Berkeley, California.  My ritual theatre and ritual arts gallery in Berkeley (1998-2000) was called "Rites of Passage Gallery".

"Weavers", Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C. (2009)

Further information about this piece and it's evolution, is at  Lauren Raine MFA Blog (2009).

Sunday, May 29, 2011

So Much Light

 "Have you noticed that today lies and deceit come to the surface faster than before?…Well, to access God’s understanding and life’s functioning is also faster than ever before."
"We are living the best time that humanity has ever lived, we will be witnesses and actors of the biggest transformation of consciousness that you have ever imagined. Inform yourself; wake up your unrest for these subjects. Science knows that something is happening; you know that something is happening; we all know that many changes are happening in many levels. Be a conscious actor of these changes.”

I had a conversation recently with a friend about the Year 2012, and the darkness of our time.  She mentioned an interview she had read by  Sai Baba. She told me that Sai Baba said "There is so much light now" - meaning, so much opportunity for understanding, connection, enlightenment and disclosure than has ever been possible before......and for that reason, my friend said that in spite of the horrors of the news, she was very optimistic about our time.  I've thought about her comment a great deal and finally found the article she mentioned. 
What Sathya Sai Baba**, one of India's most important spiritual leaders, has to say in the following extract from a 2010 conversation with a reporter resonates for me on two particular points.  The first has to do with his words about "light revealing shadow", collectively and individually. They say that the greater the light, the more the darkness is illuminated. For the past few years, all the work I've been doing inwardly, and most of my dreams, have to do with the Jungian concept of "Shadow work", whether I want to do it or not. It's as if I cannot avoid any longer the so-called "dark" areas of my story and behavior - they all come up for review, one way or another. Which means, my power and grace also keeps coming up for review, my "integral" being.

I found this article is affirming of this personal process, and a collective process universally occurring. When I find myself despairing, I must also remind myself that this "light", the "visibility" of our time has wrought huge changes at an ever accelerating rate. You can look the other way, but abuse, injustice, and social evils that were not able to be examined in the past are now profoundly changing, because now they are visible.

The second aspect of this interview I find important is his commentary about the magnetic and viberatory rates of the planet. As a "Gaianist" who views myself as a part of the planetary organism and hence, planetary as well as human evolution, then his statement that "If there is a change on the earth’s magnetism, there is a change on the consciousness and also an adaptation at the physical level for this new vibration." makes a great deal of sense to me. We are "in relationship" with all life, with the planet, with Gaia - there is reciprocity, there is empathy.

The Events of Our Time - Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba 

Question: “Have you heard of the year 2012 like a year where something will happen?”

Baba:  The truth is that the planet has been changing its vibratory state, and this change has intensified since the year 1989 where the magnetic poles have moved the last 20 years more than the past 2000. Well, in one way there are several prophecies that signal this date like a term or important conclusion in the history of humanity, but the most significant is the end of the Mayan calendar, which prophecy has been interpreted in different ways. The most negative ones think that during this year the world will end, but it will not be like that, it is known that during that year a new era will start, the Age of Aquarius.

This has to do with the rotation of the whole solar system (solar cycle) that goes passing through the different eras each one of them lasts 5125 years. The era in which we now are, called the Age of Pisces, started on the year 3113 B.C. and ends on 2012. If there is a change on the earth’s magnetism, there is a change on the consciousness and also an adaptation at the physical level for this new vibration. The changes are not only on our planet, but also affect the whole universe, and today’s science can verify that.

Inform yourself about the changes on the solar storms (that are magnetic storms) and you will see that scientists are up to date with these things, or ask about the movement of the magnetic poles during the last years, and airports having to modify their instruments.

This change on the magnetism translates or it’s perceived as an increment of light, or an increase on the planet’s vibration.  For you to understand it easily you must know that this vibration is affected and intensified due to the consciousness of all human beings . Each thought, each emotion, each new awakening of a human being towards the consciousness of God elevates the vibration of the planet. 

This might seem a paradox, due to the fact that the majority sees around themselves more hatred and misery, but this is not so.  I have been saying this on previous messages, each one chooses where to focus the view, and those who only see the darkness are focused on the drama, the pain and the injustice. If you don’t see the spiritual advancement that humanity has made it is because you haven’t focused on it, but if you do the right work and liberate your mind of the negative you will open a space where you will be able to manifest your divine essence that will put on the focus of what is really happening with humanity and the planet. Humanity is elevating its consciousness as never before.

Question: “But how!…Can’t you see the darkness?” 

Baba:  Yes, I see it, but I don’t identify Myself with it, I’m not afraid of it…How can I fear darkness if I see such clear light?…Of course I understand those who fear, because I have also been standing where I could only see the evil. This is why now I feel love for all of that. Darkness is not a force contrary to the light, it is absence of light. You cannot invade the light with darkness, that is not how the principle of light works. Fear, drama, injustice, hate and sadness only exist in states of darkness, because you can’t see the global context in which your life develops. Once you have increased your vibration and frequency (state of consciousness) you will be able to see towards darkness and understand what you have lived.

Question: “But…How can you say this if there is more evil in the world everyday?”

Baba:  'There is not more evil…there is “more light,” and that is what I’m talking about on this message. Imagine that you have a room or warehouse where for years you have been storing your things and is lit by a 40 w. bulb. Change the bulb to a 100 w. and you will see what happens. You will see the mess and the dust you didn’t think existed. The dirt will be clearer. This is what is happening, and this makes possible that a lot of people are reading this without thinking of it as foolish, like it could have been some years ago.

Have you noticed that today lies and deceit come to the surface faster than before?…Well, to access God’s understanding and life’s functioning is also faster than before.

This new vibration of the planet is what is making everyone nervous, depressed or sick, because to be able to receive more light and to rise to that vibrational level, people have to change physically as well as mentally, they have to change the way they think and feel, and delete or eradicate from their lives such beliefs or parameters that generally differ from reality or that take them towards the negative side of things.

You must put your warehouses in order, because each day you are receiving more light on your consciousness and even if you want to avoid it, you should start putting your hands on the project and begin the cleaning,  or decide to live in the middle of the dirt. This change creates physical discomforts, pains on the body, on the skeleton system -  medical tests often can’t find a reason for the illness that provokes it. 

Generally they relate it to stress or nervous states.  Nothing farther from the truth, because these discomforts are provoked due to negative emotions accumulated during our lives, fears and anxieties that you have carried with you always and that now have the opportunity to transcend and transmute. It’s about that dust accumulated for years that you are now seeing, the opportunity for it to be cleaned because it's now visible.

There will be nights when you will wake up and stay up for a few hours…don’t alter yourself, read a book, watch TV, meditate, don’t fight thinking there is something wrong with you.  It’s the new vibration of the planet that you’re assimilating, you will go back to sleep and the next day you will not feel a need to sleep more. If you don’t flow with this process properly, the pains will be more intense and you will be diagnosed fibromyalgia, which is a name that medicine has given to these pains that have no visible cause and for which they offer no treatment with concrete results, they only give you a prescription for antidepressants and this makes you escape the opportunity to change your life.

One more time you chose which reality you want to live, only this time the drama will be more intense and of course will be the love. If the Light is increased, also is the lack of need for it, this explains why there is so much irrational violence during the last years.

We are living the best time that humanity has ever lived, we will be witnesses and actors of the biggest transformation of consciousness that you have ever imagined.  Inform yourself; wake up your unrest for these subjects. Science knows that something is happening; you know that something is happening; we all know that many changes are happening in many levels. Be a conscious actor of these changes and don’t let them take you by surprise because you don’t know what is happening.”

**I am aware of a controversy that concerns Sai Baba and allegations of sexual abuse.  This does not, for me, disqualify his words.  It is  an irony that lends a layer of credibility to his comments.  Sai Baba is considered a saint in India, and if even saints can have shadows that become  exposed,  then there is something encouraging in knowing that even the Gurus are not "perfect", are accountable, and  that we are all evolving toward becoming  integral beings.

***This article is excerpted with gratitude from http://horizonsmagazine.com/blog/?p=14208

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Renfair Closing Parade

The Green Man's Visitation
"And we'll all go together, to pull wild mountain thyme
all along the purple heather, will ye go, laddie, go?"

Photo from Jill in Pomona
While I am a fine artist and a teacher, for more than 30 years I've also created masks for Renaissance Faires.  What can I say.....sometimes I've felt my career should be more dignified, but then, I'd probably have ended up as depressive an artist as Kafka, had I not, well, kind of joined the circus after graduate school.  I keep saying I'll retire, but, well.........what can I say.  The world needs Green Man masks, and the show must go on.   Huzzah! 

Closing day at the California  Faire was memorable this year, coinciding, as it did, with the supposed Rapture and Judgement Day on May 21st so widely advertised on billboards thoughout California.  Many camping at the Faire felt that they were probably not good Rapture material, and so an especially good potluck, and wine selection, was served at several Guild encampments, just in case friends and neighbors were soon to face eternal damnation.

It's customary to begin and end the day with a parade, and this time, the Yeomen and Royal Guard arranged for popcorn and 3-D glasses.

 So, there you have it for another year.  The Rapture didn't come this year after all, so now I can carry on to have an "Out of Bodice" experience.  Next year is the 50th anniversary of the Renaissance Faires, which began with the Pattersons as a benefit for alternative radio station KPFA right here in Southern California way back when.  Guess I'll hang around at least for the Golden Anniversary, which, occurring in 2012, gives us yet another reason to celebrate the end of the world enthusiastically.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crow Man

Painting by Kirby Sattler

I recently discovered this fabulous painting by the artist Kirby Sattler, and was amazed to discover the very image of a personae I envisioned for a short performance piece back in 1997, one I made a mask for.  Very often I would make masks for personae that seemed to present themselves, with a story to tell, and a voice to speak, although I often did not know from where.  Sometimes I had to just wait for their arrival into my life.  

That summer I was living in the attic of an old house in Brattleboro, Vermont.  I remember that my friend Steve and I were studying with several local shamanic practitioners, and were upstairs in my attic doing some visioning work.  We were talking afterwards, while a candle flickered in the corner, and some sage burned.  Suddenly we both felt that there was a potent presence in the room......and the candle burst, glass flying across the room.  We weren't frightened, but it did seem that some spirit had come and announced itself.  



Why have you come?
 I am the one you ran from years ago.

You say you want to investigate the night.  
I have no time for your breathless words.
Go!  If iridescent wings
call to you in the pungent darkness,
if  they whisper your name from there
then go, leap, do it!   Haw!
Do you think they will wait
for your convenience?

Your fear is useless. 
You will, or you will not. 
You will be gifted,
you will find what is to be found,
or you will fall, and be crushed on rocks
you cannot see until they find you. 
There are no certainties in my country.
No IRA's.  No Savings Bonds.
No bungee cords.

Or sit in your chair,
with your imaginings of what might be.
And you will say,  "Well, tomorrow I will go."
Do you suppose they will come again?  
They may not.
And the night will gleam, radiant,
on the other side of your door.

Sit in your room, until you are too old to fly,
you will forget that you ever could.

Fly into the dark,
and take what is to be had,
fight well what is to be fought. 
There are beauties there,
shaped by all your passions -
they will wrap their arms around you,
they will tell you their stories,
they will  love you, they will gift you,
and they will wound you.  
And there are horrors there as well:
they will also come to you.  
Go to both of  them with power
fight well and bravely,
take what you will.

In my country there are no certainties.  
You are not safe.
You will never be.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pagan Summers....

"She changes everything She touches,
and everything She touches changes"

I find I still have little to write personally these days, but many dreams that float through my mind while I'm driving the freeways of L.A., longing for green...........perhaps most prominent are fragrant memories of summers at the Brushwood Folklore Center in Western New York, working at the festivals, building my Moss Garden shrine deep in the woods,  spending time with my visionary friends Frank and Darlene Barney who created Brushwood..........and the many people who have come there over the years to celebrate with ecstatic exuberance the land, Gaia, the Goddess and the God, the rising of the Dog star, and Community at festivals like Starwood, and Sirius Rising.

Frank and I had a conversation a number of years ago, riding through the “village” that seems to bubble out of the ground when the big festivals happen.  It's like Brigadoon appearing, then disappearing.   I asked him what it was like to live with a particular place since childhood, to grow up within his environment of forests and meadows, as Brushwood is, and eventually become  its caretaker and spiritual collaborator.  "How", I asked, "do we speak with the Earth?"

Frank answered my question as he always does, in his own inimitable round about way. He was answering in circles, literally, as we toured, looking at favorite trees, feeling the geomagnetic intensities of various places, the “green breath” of the forest.

“Most of the voices of nature are small and delicate,” he told me, and can easily be silenced. They can be made invisible, or driven underground. And when that happens, people forget that they ever existed at all. Within a short time, they forget what it was like to live in such a rich chorus of voices, among so many stories, and they’re living without them in a world that has lost not only population, but mystery and vitality. An increasingly flat world with only human voices.

“If you violate a person, be it a child or an adult, they shut up. You silence them. They withdraw - although, with human beings, the energy of that violence is likely to erupt in some future way, in some future violence. Places, like people and animals, also have voices. Violate a place, like putting a 
Wal-Mart parking lot over it, and all the voices that belong to that place leave.”

“What I've been trying to do” he said, “for the past 30 years is to create a place that can facilitate communion with the Earth. By treating the land with respect, by acknowledging the presence of so many other intelligences, visible and invisible, that are evolving within the immanent cycles of life, right here, on the land. On this land, with all of its uniqueness. "

"And there are different ways we've accomplished that.  For example, because we didn't have much money, we couldn't do what many people do when they acquire a piece of land. Which is to come in with big machines that level and dominate the land, bulldoze it flat, force it to do what they want it do. We didn't have the financial means to do that, even if we wanted to, so Brushwood evolved gradually, organically, according to the dictates of the land, its contours and water ways and bumps and swamps and resources. And also its energy leys and vortices. 

We bring people here who have an earth friendly ethos and mythos. They can feel safe here, they can interact and create and explore without ridicule or hostility. They come here to connect, to play, or to heal. They can do ritual, make things like art or theatre or music, wear masks or costumes, dance, have discussions, make love, get naked in the sun or rain if they like, the children can ride their bikes or play in the mud - they feel safe. So the Earth can speak through them in all the things that they say and do.

That’s how we talk with the Earth. We let the Earth talk through us.”

Erecting the Thunder Bird (2008) 

Throughout the week long festival, prayers and intentions were collected, and 
deposited in the Thunder Bird "messenger "

Photos of  Sirius Rising 2008 are by, and copyright,  Roy Jones

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Planetary Movement for Mother Earth


The article below comes from my friend  Janie Rezner , who has a radio program called Women's Voices with KXCI in Northern California. On April 18th, her guest was Dr. Claudia von Werlhoof, from Germany.* I feel that Dr. von Werlhoof's call, and the work of Dr. Rosalie Bertell, is very important. I am no conspiracy theorist - but I must add that it's interesting how much dis-information has been devoted to these women. I take the liberty of publishing Dr. Claudia von Werlhof's call for the creation of the “Planetary Movement for Mother Earth”, which was presented May 29th, 2010 at the International Goddess-Congress on  “Spirituality and Politics” at the Castle Hambach, Germany.

“We have discovered that the military in the east and west has developed technologies which could attack the planet and transform it into a weapon itself! This technological process is by no means controlled by the public. Moreover, these technologies can be used everywhere on the planet as “plasma weapons, weather war and geo-engineering“ (See, Dr. Rosalie Bertell, "Planet Earth:  The Latest Weapon of War"). Not only do they multiply already existing atomic and other technological and climatic dangers to an unimaginable extent, but they also can endanger the existence of Mother Earth as a whole!  We rise up against these idea of making war!

We must act now, if we and our children are to have a future worthy of the name. We demand that these technologies finally be discussed in public, examined by independent scientists and their use or the experimentation with them be forbidden as long as they are threatening life on Earth and the Earth itself (or are against the ENMOD Convention adopted by the UN General Assembly 1976 – which prohibits modifications of the environment). Until now a public discussion of these dangers has not occurred. On the contrary, any attempts of this kind have been actively impeded. If the activities of installations like HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Alaska, in Siberian Nishni Novgorod, in Norwegian Tromsö and in Puerto Rico are only harmless, why is no one allowed to know what they are really doing?

We want these technological developments exposed and examined everywhere, by climate and environmental conferences, by environmental organizations and in general by all social movements, by the scientific community and by politicians. Even the “World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth“ in Cochabamba, Bolivia in April 2010 with 40.000 participants from all over the world did not have any discussion of these new military technologies on their agenda! It seems that up to now no one can or wants to make an estimate of the  contribution of these experiments to global warming, the climate crisis and other already existing ecological damages.

As an eco-feminist and a researcher I came across the existence of these new technologies only through an international discussion of the thesis regarding some possible artificial triggers of the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010. When I mentioned this outrageous suspicion in an interview about “the crisis“ in the Austrian daily “Der Standard“ in February, a personal campaign against me was started by my own department at the university and practically all Austrian print media. The aggressors claimed I supported an unscientific and absurd “conspiracy theory”, and that I therefore was mentally disturbed.  The topic was obviously not supposed to be discussed or even to be researched.

During the following turbulent weeks I continued my own research on the question of what had really happened in Haiti. I examined the research of the internationally highly praised American natural scientist, Dr. Rosalie Bertell (Laureate of the Right Livelihood Award, 1986) (see, Bertell, "Background on the HAARP Project (1996), and her practically unknown book. Upon reading her book I started to understand the whole dimension of the technological “innovations” mentioned above. Bertell has extensively traced the history of the development of new military technologies since the Second World War.

Using Nikolas Tesla’s ideas the military experimented with electromagnetic waves and their artificial creation. Furthermore the military used these waves in unnaturally high intensities. By an installation of huge antennas or transmission towers these waves are focused in different frequencies and “shot” into the layers of the ionosphere where they may cause “cuts” or “holes” in the atmosphere (which is not just “air”, but a form of “matter” that holds together protecting the Earth) in order to make the transport of rockets and space travel possible. Another function of the “ionospheric heater” consists of producing a “plasma“ by heating the layers of the atmosphere and make them compress and curve into “lenses” in order to use them like a mirror for projecting the waves back anywhere on the Earth and beneath its surface. In addition to the already dangerously huge ozone hole, thunder-storms, droughts, abnormal hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes can be the destructive consequences of the application of these technologies, as Dr. Bertell has commented. Furthermore there are related dangers because of the repercussions of intentional and unintentional interferences of waves, reactions of the magnetic field of the earth and turbulences in the atmospheric belts around the planet. What has been happening with regard to the new technologies within the last 10 years and what is planned for the future, we do not know, since Bertell’s book ends with the year 2000.

Bertell’s book is needed as a source of information for the “Planetary Movement for Mother Earth” and the public in general. This book contains the most serious possible research on this topic worldwide.  The “Military Alchemists” –as I call them– in east and west, in Russia, America and Europe must be stopped from going forward with their plans, doing whatever they want and consciously putting at risk life on, below and above the surface of the planet and even the planet itself, without assuming any responsibility for ourselves as civilians, the animal and the plant world, the climate and our Mother Earth.

We do not know enough about the delicate blue heaven above and the corresponding hidden worlds below the surface of the Earth.  Military powers seem to believe that the whole planet and all its “parts” - as they perceive them - are under their control.  Thus, we call for an alternative science, one which works with and for nature, the planet, Mother Earth and not against.  The military represents just the tip of the iceberg as it attempts to transform the planet itself into a giant weapon, or has already succeeded in doing  so! These experiments are not carried out during wartime or in the laboratory only, no, we - literally the whole human, animal and plant race – have been in a very real everyday state of war for a long period of time already.

Worldwide we – women and men - are calling for action against this obvious threat. Our Planetary Movement for Mother Earth is an answer to this form of globalization of militarism.

A new planetary civilization has to arise that respects and celebrates the variety of life on this wonderful, beautiful and friendly planet. There must be no appropriation, transformation and destruction of life. Instead, we call for a deep interconnectedness with our Mother Earth – which was our original relationship with Her and should be our normal attitude towards Her again. A loving relationship with Mother Earth is our only choice. 

To sign: If you want to join the Planetary Movement, write to: Prof. Dr. Claudia von Werlhof,
(mail: Claudia.Von-Werlhof@uibk.ac.at)  The MatriaVal-review will continuously report about the Movement.

*Janie Rezner's interview can be downloaded at:

**Below is the first of 3 lectures by Dr. Bertell, in (I believe) 2000.  In the first, she describes the "layers of our sky", the Earth's skin, and how military interests since the 1950's, without the global public's consent or even knowledge, have experimented with, for example, exploding nuclear bombs in the Van Allen belts. 

(Note:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKVAnPRV99s&NR=1 is an audio video of Dr. Bertell's lecture.)

(2) Bertell, Rosalie. Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War. London: 2000.
(3) Projektgruppe “Zivilisationskritik”. Aufbruch aus dem Patriarchat-Wege in eine neue Zivilisation? Frankfurt a. M.: Peter Lang, 2009;
Von Werlhof,Claudia: West-End. Köln: PapyRossa, 2010
---.Vom Diesseits der Utopie zum Jenseits der Gewalt, Freiburg: Centaurus, 2010
---.Über die Liebe zum Gras an der Autobahn. Rüsselsheim: Christel Göttert, 2010

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beaches & Synchronicity

Photo from www.popartuk.com

I wanted to remember a funny synchronicity............

I went to the beach with my friend Joanna, and she was called away for a while, so we agreed to meet in front of the stairway that led down to the beach.  While waiting  I meandered  barefoot, picking up some lovely rounded black stones.  I found the perfect black "touchstone" - and then, of course, I needed to find a white stone as well, to complete my "yin and yang" touchstones.

No luck!  There were red, green, brown and yellowish stones everywhere, but not a single truly white quartz pebble.  I saw Joanna sitting on the beach by where we agreed to meet, and with a pocket full of black stones, sat down beside her. Kids were playing around us, making castles of sand.  As we dug our toes into the sand,  I noticed that between us, by my handbag,  was a pile of white stones someone had carefully collected, and then abandoned there in the sand, 10 or 12 lovely, rounded pure white quartz pebbles.  

Ask and ye shall receive indeed!

Living metaphors......... I have a hard time explaining these fanciful moments, sometimes, to anyone else but myself!  But to  continue, there sat Joanna and I at the great warm beach of the great Pacific Ocean, catching up with each other on the events of the past 35 years or so, me playing with my greedy treasure trove of white pebbles, and watching the surf,  speckled with young surfers on their boards.  

We talked about love, our marriages, children,  and being alone now, which we were both well content with.  I remember saying something about not being able to imagine being in a relationship again, all the drama and stress.  As seasoned and salty old veterans of love, we sat there  content to watch the surf roll in. 

 I noticed something bobbing on the waves........"what's that?" I asked, as we were rising to leave. "Well", Joanna noted,  "looks like the surf is bringing it in, whatever it is."  I walked out to catch it, and brought back a slightly deflated, metallic, heart shaped balloon.

It was covered with hearts pierced with arrows, and a great big "Te Amor" on both sides.  

We had to laugh! Just when you think you're done with all of that.........the Ocean brought a Valentine!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Joanna Brouk found!


light of morning
the fairest light, the fairest light
has come
softly, I feel its coming

night has given
night has given
a place to morning
breath returns and moistens
the grass the birds feather

no longer do I hide
no longer do I hide
gone into darkness
light has come

Back in 2004, I found a collection of poems and forgotten artwork, from the halcyon days of Berkeley in the early 70's.  The art and the poems were from a collaboration between myself, and two of my friends, Felicia Miller and Joanna Brouk.  I published them in my website, and in 2006, Felicia found me, and our friendship resumed after 30 some years.  I went to visit her in Puerto Rico, and saw in Washington D.C.  as well.  Felicia passed from this world in January of last year.  
A few weeks ago, the other long lost friend, Joanna, wrote to me!  As it turns out, Joanna lives in a town near San Diego, and we've since spent several wonderful days together.  Wow, almost 35 years have passed..........and yet, it's still Joanna!  Interestingly, because of my posting her poetry on my website, she was contacted by someone who is re-issuing and archiving some of her music from those early days, including work that was presented on the "Hearts of Space" program in Berkeley.

Joanna is a composer, and a writer........funny, like Felicia, she had forgotten all about the poems I treasured, and I'm delighted to re-offer them to her.  I still love her series of poems that I illustrated so very long ago (the series can be found at the link below).   In them,  Joanna moves, like a stream, through the rythems of season, current, night and day, to an ecstatic experience of  the Sun's return.
And here is a link to Joanna's music, from a KPFA broadcast ("Hearts of Space") in 1972.


I thank Spider Woman for weaving our lives together once again.