Stories shape us. They shape our thoughts, our perceptions, and our responses to the world. They hold our history and guide our actions in difficult times. They define us to ourselves and each other and provide our place in the order of things.

What happens when the Old Stories, the ones we were taught to believe, no longer serve or match our experience? Or simply aren’t true? What are the New Stories, the ones that tell us the truth for these times and help us understand where we are going? What is the Larger Story of who and what we are that gives new meaning to our lives, strength to speak truth to power, and courage to ride the waves of change with style and grace, love and humility, gratitude and praise?

Over time, Old Stories fall away……and New Stories are revealed:

The earth is flat and you can fall off the edge…

…The earth is a sphere revolving around the sun

The universe is a static clock winding down…

…The universe is alive and continuing to evolve as we are

We are flawed, fallen beings who must be redeemed…

…We are the flowering of the Divine becoming conscious of itself

Evolution is a competition for survival of the fittest…

…Evolution happens through cooperation and collaboration

The earth is an infinite storehouse for our consumption…

…The earth is a finite living system that calls for our reverence

New Stories arise at the frontier of change. We are in an extraordinary time of change. Come, join the adventure of discovering the New Stories emerging around us, illuminating paths into a thriving world. Together we’ll learn the essentials of navigating change and live the New Story into being.

"The New Story" - links

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