Sunday, October 30, 2022

"Horse Latitudes": A Poem for Belated Blessings



BE in me as the eternal moods

of the bleak wind, and not

As transient things are—gaiety of flowers.

Have me in the strong loneliness

of sunless cliffs

And of gray waters.

Let the gods speak softly of us

In days hereafter,

the shadowy flowers of Orcus

Remember thee.


Ezra Pound 



If only, when harbored among debris,

among littered confusion

we throw angry words like stones

at each other, 

or walk away,  the last

snapshot for memory 

a defiant, sullen back

or a careless kiss dockside,

hurried and heedless: 

if only, if only

at such partings,

we could know them

for what they are: 

Goodbyes that last a lifetime. 


I would have asked you

to set me adrift with  nameless love. 

To fill my yellow sails

with your blessing

as I blow mine into yours.



Saturday, October 29, 2022

"VERITY" - New Mosaic Sculpture

"We seem to be having a crisis of honor............Lying and deceit dominate public politics and public life, business, academics, and even the arts.  As a result our children have virtually no valid role models on which to model their own sense of honor."

Recently I made a mask for Verity (Veritas) the Roman Goddess of Truth.  I also began a sculpture, which I finally finished.  In my recent Post about the Mask of Verity, I described a few things about the mythology, and why I seem to be compelled to pursue this imagery. 


Friday, October 7, 2022

Portfolio: "A Work in Progress" .... a Presentation at 2022 Pagan Studies Conference

I was embarroused to see that I never shared on this Blog the Presentation I was honored to give at the Conference on Current Pagan Studies ** (via Zoom) in January of this year.  Their Theme for 2022 was "Pagans and Creativity" so I offered a presentation on my own 50 years of being an artist, with (obviously visible) Pagan roots and Pagan iconography even in the very beginning.  It seems Gaia and Myth and the Goddess have been with me almost as soon as I could pick up a crayon, and it't been so ever since.

** There will be another Conference this year January 14- 15, 2023

For information on the upcoming Conference: