Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Suki's Poem

On Being an Artist

The rose window fractured
by a fierce wind
shards on the grass
till he came along
collected the fragments
crafted a kaleidoscope

by the tornado of life
for two years I lay on the rug
my thoughts scattered
Now I must turn my mind around
create beauty from the ruins

Suki from her Blog

**The Watts Towers were created by Italian immigrant Simon Rodia between 1922 and 1955.  A construction worker, he created it from bits of ceramic plates, discarded construction materials, anything he found.  He did not consider himself an artist, and when, at the age of 75 he left Los Angeles, he deeded the lot the Towers were on to his neighbor. 
"The Watts Towers survived. A thriving community art center now sits beside them and Simon Rodia’s namesake jazz festival just celebrated its thirty-third anniversary. It’s as if Rodia, who approached his magnum opus like it was a private madness, had the greater good in mind all the time."

Catherine Wagley, DVisible Magazine


Lauren Raine said...

I just went to Suki's blog, and although the poem comes up, Blogger says that the "blog has been removed". I am not sure what this means, and Suki, I hope you are reading this, as I want to thank you again for the use of your poem. I hope whatever trouble your blog is having is resolved.

sukipoet said...

Lauren, not sure why my blog wouldnt come up but just moments ago I could not log in to gmail nor onto my blog. However, now I am there.

Thanks for publishing my poem.

Love the Watts towers. For awhile I had a book of photos of homes etc people had made in a similar manner using scraps of this and that even newspapers. amazing.

sukipoet said...

thanks for note on HTML but I know nothing about HTML?? I am not really computer literate. I go by a wing and a prayer. However I wonder if all that code was there due to the link to Willow's poetry blog?? Magpie Tales.

In any event the link to my blog seems to work here and again I thank you.

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