Friday, May 6, 2011

A Jakaranda Moment

I find that I have nothing to write although I sit here wanting to write something.  I drove beneath a Jacaranda tree, flowering off a busy, smoggy street in Glendora. It's that time of year in Southern California, the Time of the Jacaranda.

 Photo by Scott Contini

 Imagine a brilliant  shower of violet blooms, falling like glorious purple snow.  Generosity of  World to give us such gifts. Purple trees!  Miraculous, here, at the bus stop.

 I'm not sure I can say anything that would do justice to the Flowering of the Jacaranda Tribe............I looked throughout the web for poems about Jakaronda, and found many - almost all, departures for what the tree reminded people of.  But I can't imagine such a phenomenon as  reminding me of anything except itself.......I stand beneath the Jakaranda tree, it's falling purple blossums,  my mouth open.  Speechless.

photo by


T said...

Wow. These photos are stunning. We have jacaranda trees here, too, but nothing quite like these!Eye candy, Lauren.

Lauren Raine said...

thanks Trish, alas, I didn't do those photos, only borrowed them. I think where they are virtual forests are in South Africa, and in Australia. But may I never lose my delight in the idea of purple trees!

sukipoet said...

i am not sure i have ever seen a jakarnada tree. ah, though. you are in CA. at a lovely time of year. enjoy the beauty and thanks for sharing.

Roll Cage Mary said...

Jacaranda's are harbingers of Christmas here in Australia. Interestingly, wanting to write something yet not knowing what to write about, is the signature of the Jacaranda in Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Unknown said...
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Katy said...

Jacaranda is not a native of Australia however.

It is a native of South Africa