Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Update on Fukushima


A Chinese study shows Fukushima nuclear pollution becoming more concentrated as it approaches U.S. West Coast — Plume crosses ocean in a nearly straight line toward N. America — Appears to stay together with little dispersion.

 Source: Science China Earth Sciences; Volume 56, Issue 8, pp 1447-1451
Authors: GuiJun Han, Wei Li, HongLi Fu, XueFeng Zhang, XiDong Wang, XinRong Wu, LianXin Zhang,  Date: August 2013

 View the study online here (UPDATE: Free via

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Disturbing. I've been following the recent developments and they are really discouraging. Fukushima could poison the planets for decades.

Lauren Raine said...

I've given up fish, unless you know for sure it's Icelandic cod or Norwegian sardines. Fukushima is the first global, rather than local, catastrophe that's in our face, and predictably, the media and nation is in grave denial.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Maybe it's time for me us to relinquish fish, too. For a while, our local publix supermarket wasn't buying salmon from anywhere on the west coast because of Fukushima. I need to find out what they're doing - or not - now.

Lauren Raine said...

I think we all do. I have to cry when I see these "let's beat cancer" ads sometimes, as if cancer was like whooping cough or smallpox, and could be cured by a vaccine. It is a biological response to the imbalance and toxicity of the environment, on many levels, including the emotional. But eating radioactive fish, steroids and hormones in meat, should be obvious as factors.

Mostly I cry for the loss of so much that is beautiful, and I cry for the future, for our children and their children, who are not going to the stars or the moon, but rather will struggle to simply survive the debris of our unsustainable civilization.