Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fukushima, and the Pacific Ocean

What happened in Japan in 2011 is a continuing worldwide tragedy, and has been denied by the media.  I return from my trip to these articles forwarded by  Dr. Carol Wolman, a long time nuclear activist  in Northern California. 

Dear Friends,
The bad news continues- see headlines below.   I took part in a conference call with the director of Nuclear Affairs- Tom Cochran at National Resources Defense Fund (NRDC) yesterday.  I was asking him to support a call for making Fukushima declared an international catastrophe.  He declined, saying essentially that the discharge into the ocean will be diluted and won't affect us or the rest of the world- it's a Japanese problem.  I pointed out that the corium has hit the groundwater, so pollution of the ocean will increase- he ignored this.
Please continue circulating this petition .   We need to break through the denial of how serious this is.
Carol Wolman


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Have been reading about this. These idiot scientists act as if the planet is divided into sections set off from each other by impenetrable walls. The ocean will dilute it? Really?!

Lauren Raine said...

I don't like to post these stories, but it's not possible to speak of Gaia, of spirituality and nature, without also speaking of what humanity is doing to Her. Which is really what we are also doing to us.

There are those who say that Tokyo should be evacuated. Can you even imagine? The scope of the tragedy for the Japanese people........

I no longer eat fish, because I realize they may not only be contaminated by mercury and plastic pollutants, but also because now fish from the Pacific may be radioactive.