Saturday, June 11, 2011

N.M. Fire Threatens Anima Sanctuary

 As those living here in the Southwest know, this has been a terrible season for fires.  I wrote about  Jesse Wolf Hardin, Loba and Kiva and the Anima Nature Sanctuary and Herbal School just a week ago - tragically, they are currently threatened by a huge forest fire in Western New Mexico, and may be forced to evacuate.  For more information, here is Jesse's Blog.  At the urging of friends, Anima has set up an emergency fund.  I've copied from the latest post on their blog below - and I know that prayers are welcome from their many friends.

 Anima Emergency Fund

A fund has been set up for Anima Sanctuary and School, at the insistence of many.  Contributions will be accepted for land protection and repair, which will also help make possible our continuing publication and healing work.

We have already had to shift funds from home repairs to evacuation preparedness, extra fuel for the vehicles and supplies, while our paid workers and gifting friends shift their emphasis from the water project to clearing the ground of flammables in a perimeter around the main cabins.  This Emergency Fund will help fund these preparations, and in the event the fire does indeed overtake and engulf us, it will be used to replace and repair the infrastructure of the sanctuary and school, and to pay for what will be a huge reseeding and restoration effort.

Donations to the Anima Emergency Fund can be made at and indicate in the message box that it is intended for the fire fund. Or a check or m.o. made out to

Gretchen Geggis (Loba)
Anima Emergency Fund
P.O. Box 688, Reserve, NM 87830

Thank you!

NonMonetary Donations

To those of you offering to send foods, herbs, tools and so forth, we ask that you send a letter to the above addresses with a list of what you can provide, and then IF and when they’re needed we’ll get back to you.  If the fire moves through this canyon and takes our living structures, a travel trailer will be the first item we look for.

Physically Assisting With Our Evacuation

Only a few of the many folks offering to come here and help, are even from the Southwest!  We will only accept the assistance of those who live close enough for it not to be a great hardship, and only in the last couple days before we need to be fully evacuated.  This could happen a week from now, several weeks from now, or in only a few short days depending on what the winds and blaze does.  If you are determined to help with an evacuation, please write us with your availability and how to reach you quickest.

Wallow Fire Satellite Image showing Anima Sanctuary

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