Monday, November 1, 2010

The New Story - Brian Swimme

I truly do believe that story (myths) is the name of the country where the archetypes enact their dramas, the Gods and Goddesses weave their relationships and teach their values. Within the Mythic Realms we find the templates of societies, and as individuals, each of us is "in-formed" by story, by mythos. Which is why the ancient Native American archetype of Spider Woman has been so fascinating to me.

Also called "Thought Woman" in Southwestern Pueblo cultures, Spider Woman is a primal creatrix who imagines things that come to be; she weaves the world continually into being and dissolution with the stories she tells. At the center of the great Web (symbolized by the ubiquitous cross (representing the union of the 4 directions) that is always associated with her) Spider Woman/Thought Woman sees the ever evolving pattern, the resonance, the harmonies and the disharmonies. The gift of weaving, and the gift of story, are the gifts Spider Woman endowed her grandchildren with.

In various Pueblo mythologies, when the world fell out of balance, it was Spider Woman who led the people from the deluge and destruction of the dying "Third World" into the "Fourth World", which is our time. As the Hopi (and Mayan) calendar or cycle is almost ended, perhaps, it is Spider Woman who again will lead us into the new world, by helping us to spin "new stories".

There are some who say the "world wide Web" is Spider Woman's latest appearance.

I wanted to share this video with Brian Swimme, and revisit again the New Stories Foundation, which I find so inspiring!


Lauren Raine said...

My friend Fahrusha wasn't able to post, but sent me this post via email, so I'm doing it for her:

hI love the idea of the World Wide Web as a manifestation of Spider Woman. Brian Swimme's comments about living a life based on the knowledge of the Universe are on point. Many humans however are unaware of much of the knowledge that has been gained in the last century even in the broadest terms. Even those who have a framework or concept of such knowledge do not know all the details. But the essence of the idea is laudable.

"Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you."
Jelalu'ddin Rumi (1207 - 1273)

Gail said...

Thanks for sharing Brian.
Blessed Be