Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hymn for the Earth

2014:  A Hymn

by Ursula Leguin

Our prophets lead our people on
Fast to the promised land 
And where we pass, the green of grass
Turns to bare brown sand.

So high our cities' towers soar
Above the deep-set fault,
Immense they rise into the skies,
Pillars of cloud and salt.

Impatient with the patient day,
We rush to gain tomorrow.
Our ships that plough the seas with nets
Leave a long, empty furrow.

Our quick inventions spend our time
Faster and ever faster,
While kind and unforgiving Earth
Endures our brief disaster.

For all we do is nothing to
Her bright eons of days.
So let my dark tune turn and end
As all song should, in praise.

And in the hope of wisdom yet,
I'll sing the hymn that praises
Earth's greater life that gives us life,
The grace that still amazes.

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