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The Spiritual Significance of 2012

 A friend passed this article  on to me, and I thought it worth sharing here - very insightful.  (This article is from a collection of material gathered from authors of “Transforming Through 2012, A Multimedia eBook about the coming shift.” - republished with permission from Science Of Mind Magazine, November 2011 Issue)

The end of the Hopi calendar, and entry into the "5th World", is thus also about the "Return of Spider Woman", the cosmic weaver who is also, in the Pueblo mythological universe, the midwife who guides the "new people" through the Sipapu in the sacred kiva, (or birth canal) into each next world, offering a thread (or a ladder) to rise up into the New World...... I reflect that in the Circles I've participated in, there are 5 directions: North, South, East, West, and Center. The Center is that which unites everything, the breathe, the dark space, ecological interdependency, the Web.  Integral."

 Nassim Haramein  comments eloquently:  "Every atom of your body is connected to every other atom in the universe, as it exchanges energy and information with the vacuum.".  

The Spiritual Significance of 2012 
by Mead Rose  

Spider Gorget with Cross/Circle
So why all the hubbub around 2012? The answer is that a number of seemingly significant changes appear to center around that date.
  • In astronomical terms, 12/21/2012 is the winter solstice occurring simultaneously with crossing over the galactic midline.
  • Astrologically, we are also transitioning from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age.
  • In addition, it has been put forth as the end date of the Mayan calendar and as the fulfillment date of several other indigenous prophecies.
  • Terence McKenna also turned up a pattern of events when he superimposed numerical values associated with the King Wen sequence of the I Ching onto human history, which he referred to as Timewave Zero and which appears to converge on that date as well.
There is both disagreement about and speculation beyond the basic points shown above. While the astronomical and astrological facts remain indisputable, the significance of them is open to interpretation. Additionally, when one examines the prophecies of the Maya and other indigenous peoples one discovers that they refer to a process and are not tied to a particular date.
Regardless of debates about target dates, it seems clear that change is upon us simply as a consequence of living on a planet with a burgeoning population and dwindling resources. It is becoming clear that we need to evolve past obsolete, consumption-heavy economies and competitive social strategies and transition into more resource-friendly, cooperative ways of living.

One fairly consistent theme in all the talk about 2012 is the idea that we are moving into a time when all our ancient notions are challenged. To quote songwriter Emily Kaitz: 

"Uncharted waters, Empty skies, Everything you’ve learned up to this point, No longer applies."

Long cherished notions of “the way it is” are beginning to come under scrutiny. These assumptions include:
  • The fundamental nature of time and space
  • The notion that we are alone in the universe
  • The faith that our elected officials will act in our best interests
  • The belief that intercession between individuals and divinity is necessary
For many, this scrutiny is a challenge to their religious faith and points to discrepancies between religion and spirit. One of the difficulties in responding to questions about the spiritual significance of 2012 is that that what defines spirit is changing. In the past, the borderlines between spirit, science, thought and physical existence were quite clear and now those separations are falling away in the light of new understandings.

One way to shed light on the whole question is to examine the ancient prophecies in the regard that spirit is eternal and human beings are fairly constant regardless of external changes. It is noteworthy that prophesies from diverse tribes show thematic congruence, even among tribes who are highly isolated and rarely exchange information with other tribes. For example, we find that when we compare Mayan and Hopi prophecies, the underlying themes are similar:

Scientifically recognized Mayan Calendar expert Carl Johan Calleman reveals that according to understandings gained via conversations with Mayan elders, the December 21, 2012 target date is erroneous and that the Mayan Calendar end date is actually October 28, 2011. Dr. Calleman elaborates on his interpretation of Mayan prophecies explaining that the “descent of the nine gods” refers not to anthropomorphic deities but instead to levels of cosmic consciousness impacting humanity at specific times. He has painstakingly documented historical events correlated to previous impacts to test the validity of his interpretation. He predicted March 9, 2011 as the commencement date of the 9th Wave, just two days before the Fukushima earthquake, an eerie precursor.

Dr. Calleman offered commentary on the coming spiritual shifts saying, “We’re going into something where there will be no middle man or middle women between ourselves and God; and the Divine. We will be the only authorities in regarding our relationship to God. That’s where it’s going. No intermediate so to speak.” He explained that it was the ‘filters’ upon consciousness that necessitated the need for somebody to convey the experience from spiritual reality. “I believe that this wave is about developing resonance with the cosmos and it is a large thing. In order to do so, in true resonance with the cosmos, it also means that you must do that yourself directly, without any intermediates…It’s all about becoming a citizen of the cosmos, a child of God with out any having to intervene, so to speak.”

This idea of a transformation of consciousness is echoed in the Hopi prophecies.
Author Kymberlee Ruff tells of the Hopi Prophecy Rock, and whether humanity would choose to depart from the “Two-hearted Path” leading to nuclear annihilation: “Up until very recently, many of the Hopi Elders were not certain that we would choose the ‘Path of the One-Hearted.’ Fortunately, I have been told that in the last few years, we have turned a corner. Many Holy and Noble people have performed the sacred rituals and ceremonies, asking Mother Earth to give us another chance. An evolution of consciousness has occurred just in time to save our planet. I have been told to share with you that, in the last few years, we have passed over into ‘The Fifth World.’

With 2012 approaching, there are so many doomsday stories circulating, describing an impending time of catastrophe and destruction. This is why I was asked to tell the story of the ‘Two Paths of the Hopi Prophecy Rock,’ to tell you that the day after December 21, 2012 is actually going to herald a time of great peace…So as chaotic as the world may appear right now, it is an illusion. Something wonderful is happening.”

Or is it? One thing that is becoming increasingly clear is that we as human beings create our own reality. But this creation process goes far beyond the subjective limits of individuated consciousness. With individual transformation comes the realization that all beings are in need of liberation, that to acquire and appreciate the finer things in life also means doing so without subjecting others to undue hardship.

Like it or not, the world we live in is the product of an ongoing collaborative experiment in consciousness. While enlightened personages such as the Dalai Lama exemplify living the simple spiritual life, they are exiled from their homeland by governmental decisions of a totalitarian regime made to accommodate an ever-growing population.

In the midst of our search for new, cooperative solutions to problems for which we have no previous experience, the brute force expedients learned throughout humanity’s history of war and strife contend for dominance. Based in scarcity and fear, old paradigm you-or-me thinking tends to spread by turning otherwise enlightened minds into sharks or shark bait. Deep spiritual conviction is required to avoid falling prey to the fear-based thought patterns.

Furthermore, avoidance is not an answer. Withdrawing from the difficulties of the modern world is to withdraw one’s self as a needed community resource. Past models allowed people to entrust others to take care of difficult problems. Recent economic problems have shown us that this is not a wise strategy. All too often, turning one’s gaze away from complex problems, amounts to letting the fox guard the hen house.

The approaching changes require a new sort of moral courage. Already we are seeing the start of planetary changes from earthquakes to solar flares to floods. People are waking up to corruption and misbehavior on the part of our elected leaders. As spiritual beings, we must be willing to open our eyes and hearts to see and feel the wounds of humanity and mother earth to witness the extent of the healing that must take place. It is then incumbent upon us to put aside fear and hold fast to a vision of universal peace, cooperation and personal responsibility for emancipating people and the planet from the bondage of history.

West Kennet Long Barrow Crop Circle 2009
This moral courage must extend from our innermost hearts into our families, neighbors, organizations, institutions and planet. Beyond that, there are many who believe that extraterrestrial intelligences are waiting for us to complete this key step in our development before admitting us into their galactic associations. Dr Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project and others have revealed that very real economic forces are at work sowing fear and deception to prevent the equally real technologies of abundant energy, telepathic interfaces and gravitational propulsion from being made available. Imagine a Galactic Federation just like Star Trek (complete with a Prime Directive of non-interference). Imagine the Starship Enterprise encountering a planet which attempts to control its citizenry by withholding key technology and making movies about alien invasions. Even if you don’t accept the part about the aliens, consider that there are economic interests with an investment in the status quo of selling fossil fuels and nuclear energy when other technologies are available.

The 2012 experts and indigenous elders indicate that each individual must choose to respond to fear with love and when others are fearful, to do what it takes to bring them into the light of love, peace and understanding. Doing so will eventually cause us to reach a “tipping point” which will shift humanity’s matrix into the new reality so many of us desire.

One of the key abilities we all need to cultivate is the ability to meet new and sometimes bizarre information not with horror or disbelief but instead with the recognition that as with any process of healing or growth, there may be pain and a need to let go of the past. As humanity emerges from millennia of strife, the future may occur as, “being dragged kicking and screaming into heaven.”
Perhaps some of the best spiritual advice for coping with the radical shifts around 2012 comes from mathematician and physicist Nassim Haramein. Dr. Haramein recently won an award for his paper on ”The Schwarzschild Proton,” where he demonstrated the viability of considering the proton to be a quantum black hole containing the entire mass of the known universe. In one stroke, the paper solves discrepancies between Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. At first glance, this seems to carry no spiritual significance, but upon closer examination reveals that the separation between science and spirit is arbitrary. Ever since childhood he had difficulty with Euclidean dimensional concepts and arrived at his unique theories through attempting to understand the structure of the vacuum. Some label his work “sacred geometry” and indeed he has been able to integrate the Kabalistic “Tree of life” and “Flower of life” into his mathematical understanding of the geometry of space.

“I urge you to spend some time in contemplation, realizing your infinite nature, realizing your connectivity to the structure of space, to the vacuum as a whole, realizing your connectivity to all things through the inner self. All the masters who have walked the earth have encouraged us to learn to turn our senses inward because within the atomic level, within the singularity that centers our existence is the infinite potential of creation. This is what connects us to all things.
I believe that spending more time turning your senses inward and connecting with your fundamental nature, and then applying that to the external world in your day-to-day life might be one of the most crucial, the most important, things you can do. When you align with your fundamental nature, with your singularity, with the infinite potential inside yourself, you are fundamentally aligned with your dharma, your mission, your deepest possible recognition of self. Such an exploration can lead to great things in your life.

Every atom of your body is connected to every other atom in the universe, as it exchanges energy and information with the vacuum. This infinite energy and knowledge can infuse your consciousness, and change your life beginning today. Do not be apprehensive about the changes clustering around 2012, for they will force us to make the evolutionary leap into a world of abundance and wonder.”

It is clear we are in a time of transition. The message coming from the 2012 experts is a message to respond to the coming changes with love instead of fear. This requires the moral courage to see things as they are and then to make the choice towards love and responsibility and to help others to do so for themselves.


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Wow, this is fascinating!It summarizes what many of us already feel. Thanks for posting, Lauren.

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If you are at a crossroads and do not know which way to go - ask your heart. It is the divination rod of the future.

Great post, thank you.

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Well said, Nancy. Thank you.