Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Hopeful Channelled Message......and one for me as well!

"Rainbow Woman" (2012)
 Things are getting strange lately.................synchronicities abound, I even find myself having (oh oh) an occasional (mild) vision or two.

To further facilitate this process, and get myself out of holiday blues, I went for a few days to the hot springs in Safford (very friendly place) where I sat in a pool where more ideas for "Numina" masks turned up.  Later I was having some coffee in the common room with new friends I met there and we all paused as a middle aged native American woman, a very old woman in traditional dress, and a young girl walked in the door.  I really did feel the energy change, become heightened in some way, and later the others commented that they felt the same.  Delphina is a Navajo herbalist and medicine woman, who lives near Chinle, and so is her mother (her mother did not speak English, and Delphina translated for us).  The first thing the elderly medicine woman said almost as soon as they walked in  was that we should not go into the waters without first making an offering of corn meal (I can't remember what else), and asking for blessings  from the spirits of the waters, and making prayers!

And I thought, "Of course!  Here I am indirectly asking for vision about a project that is about Spirit of Place (Numina) and I don't even know how to do what any traditional person does, which is exactly that.  Ask permission, give thanks, make an offering to show appreciation, recognize that the waters are not just another inanimate "object", but a place where spirits reside.  How could I forget?.....but it's so easy to forget, being from a world that no longer remembers these things.  I reflect (in retrospect) how blessed I was to be "reminded" in such a way.

Their entrance was so strange that, to be honest, I can't entirely remember all that was said, just a kind of intensity in the room.  But I also note that the elderly woman (in translation from her daughter) said something about  weaving looms, or weaving..........and here I am, having spent all these years writing about Spider Woman. is another mask I just made the day before I left.

Sometimes these amazing messages come to us......and we barely notice.  Or we notice after they've happened.  But I know it was a blessing, at least, a quote myself from a previous post:  "The ineffable work with us in the arena of energy, in the field of dreams, synchronicity  and soul language"

I invited Delphina to visit me in Tucson when she comes for the gem show, so perhaps I will have another chance to talk with a real Navajo medicine woman.

Here is an interesting video someone sent to me, from an Australian channel.  I think it's time for some hopeful thoughts about the New Age...............


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

'Love the message. But I don't see space brothers or whatever as benevolent beings.

Lauren Raine said...

Yeah, it would be nice if she was channelling the good guys..........I also am not so hopeful.

Gail said...

I have always thought that beings with the capacity to travel to us would naturally be advanced beyond our petty fears. I look forward to their guidance.