Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Books are E-Books too!

I'm pleased to offer my books in Apple (Ipod, Iphone and Ibook) format from for
 just $5.00 to $10.00!  I'm so happy to make the books available in this way to those who
cannot afford them in hard copy.......including many of my friends who I've wished to give 
copies to and  couldn't afford to.

Oh, and you can copy the spider if you like...........

Soft cover:                              $27.95
Hardcover, Dust Jacket:   $41.95
Hardcover, ImageWrap:   $45.95

Apple format E-book:        $5.00

 In the Tarot, the Higher Arcana is a progression
 through what mythologist Joseph Campbell called the
 "Hero’s Journey".  The first card in the traditional
 Tarot deck  is The Fool .  The Fool represents the
 utterly open innocence, and infinite possibilities, 
 with with we incarnate into this world.  The Arcana 
progress through  revelations, trials and initiations. 
The last card of  is The World, the return Home.
 Although my Oracle Deck, which features 52
 illustrations,  is not a Tarot, I have  used this
metaphor   in its creation.  

The journey is a Circle.

THE MASKS OF THE GODDESS, beautifully illustrated with photographs by Thomas Lux, Peter Hughes, 
Anne Beam, Ileya Stewart and others, documents a collection of 30 multi-cultural masks of Goddesses
 created by artist Lauren Raine. The collection of masks traveled throughout the U.S, from the 
Spiral Dance in San Francisco to the Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors in New York City, continually in use 
by choreographers, ritualists, and storytellers for almost 10 years, as they celebrated the Divine Feminine
 in myth, history,  and within our own lives. The book includes stories of the Goddesses, articles,
 performance excerpts, and interviews collected during those years.
Softcover                                 $54.95Hardcover                               $60.95Hardcover, ImageWrap    $64.95Apple E-book:                        $  9.99

Softcover:                              $40.95
Hardcover, Dust Jacket:     $48.95
Hardcover, ImageWrap:     $51.95

Apple Ebook:                         $  9.99

"What is the new mythology to be,  the mythology of this unified earth
as of one harmonious being?"
Joseph Campbell

A Metaphor for Our Time

Pueblo mythology tells that when each of the 3 previous worlds ended, it was Spider Woman who
 led the people through the sipapu, the kiva (or birth canal) into the next world.   With so many people
 interested in the “2012 prophecy”, which reached epic proportions through Hollywood, it seems strange
 that so few know of Spider Woman, the midwife/creatrix, who plays a key role in this metaphor for our
 time.   Perhaps the World Wide Web is Spider Woman's latest appearance.  She's increasingly  
 making visible the connections, the strands of the Web of life, whether we speak of an evolving
 global human culture, ecology, quantum physics, or synchronicity and integral psychology. 
 “Spider Woman’s Hands” is my contemporary exploration of this myth, as a visual artist, 
community art project, and as a story teller.

~Open Poems~

by Lauren Raine
      Felicia Miller
       Joanna Brouk

I don't believe we can know who we are without re-discovering those people who had a lot to do with 
who we were, and who we became. In 2004 I found a treasure in an old cardboard box. A collection
 of poetry written by myself and my friends some 35 years ago when we had the good fortune to be
young in Berkeley in the halcyon days of the early '70's. Many of them I illustrated. I'm delighted to 
publish these poems and art finally - and to add to the mix over 30 years of poems that reflect my journey
 since. Joanna, Felicia, thank you. Wherever you are, we were beautiful.

available from:   BLURB.COM BOOKSTORE


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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

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