Friday, October 19, 2012

The Bill of Reproductive Rights

I've always loved Meryl Streep, but I especially appreciate her as she appears for Draw the Line (with thanks to Trish MacGregor for this).  Listen to what Meryl Streep has to say, and let's avoid a future in which old men in congress tell women and girls what they can do with their bodies (and minds)  (in other words, not much). Among other things, this democracy was created to separate Church and State, which these patriarchs clearly do not respect. The rights of women should be self-evident.  And as overpopulation threatens all future generations,  these are the same men who decry the "welfare state" and would leave all those unwanted babies, and their mothers,  to lives of poverty.  Sign the Bill of Rights.  Meryl is right:  this is no time to be complacent.

Remember:    Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a "slut" and offered to give her "as much aspirin to put between her knees as she wants.".  Todd Akin said that during "legitimate rape" (!!) a woman can't get pregnant because "her reproductive system shuts down." As Kevin Bacon comments below, a lawmaker in Georgia equates women to "farm animals" and comments that the problem would be solved if they would just stop having sex..........Do we really want people like that with the power to decide the reproductive future of half the population? Personally, I don't like the idea of people like that having the power to drive a lawnmower,  let alone the power to shut down family planning clinics.

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