Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I realized it's Valentine's day..........I figured I should try to dig up something that relates to the occasion.  I found these poems, alas, the residue of a long ago love affair..........  

I pause at the door, key in hand.
Breathing in the last of you.
Pleasure that pierces heart and reason
All I can give
is to give it back.

World, here is my heart's unspoken delight.
I offer it back to you
to light among the dappled leaves

I open my hand
a scarlet bird
flashes among the trees.

Fly free,
Bird of Paradise,
into the morning
from the other side of forever.


The road twists before me
a white line, a black stream

Hello and Goodbye live in the same house
I examine myself, knowing
that a woman of 40 years
is old enough to expect nothing.

On a whim, I stop for coffee
in Scotland, Pa.
Population 2,500 souls
and write in my journal:

    "Kiss the joy as it flies
     and live in eternity's sunrise"

Thank you, William Blake.
I am driving west now
where the sun before me
continues to set.

A painting I once saw comes to mind
two hands lying, side by side,
not touching
a kind of moving electricity
holding them
and apart

from somewhere in the area of my chest
a secret electricity expands behind me
like a ribbon in the wind,
a silver cord
crossing the Pokanos,
the Catskills,
mountains, oceans, lifetimes.

Pull the cord,
and I shall surely know it.


Gail said...

Love affairs fondly remembered? Gail

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Terrific poetry! Happy heart day, Lauren.

Lauren Raine said...

Happy Valentine's day to you!

Well, now that I read these poems again, I suppose the affair didn't really end that well, since the poems seem rather full of resignation, etc. And we never did connect again. Oh well. The sting is long gone.