Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Imagining Beauty ~ Traveling the Path of the Heart by Patricia Ballentine


I wanted to share the beautiful video Presentation (with her permission) that Priestess and Artist Patricia Ballentine gave at the 18th Conference on Current Pagan Studies that she gave just this past weekend.  The Theme was "Visions of Imagination and Creativity" and Patricia's video about the creation of her Labyrinth was my favorite presentation, both a sharing of the creative journey, and a meditation on finding the pathway to the Heartland.   Thank you Patricia for all that you bring to a world thirsty for what you offer.  To learn more about her work, visit her Blog THE CREATIVE FLAME

Imagining Beauty: Traveling the Path of the Heart

"Imagination can raise us up or tear us down. It is something we all have and use every day. When we anticipate a next step we are imagining what an outcome may be. When we resist taking an action we may be imagining that the future will look like the past. The challenge is to imagine the higher turn rather than being held back by imagining the worst as we take each step on the winding path of life. THAT is the greatest magic! 

In 2021 I created a 14' x 14' hand painted and stitched portable canvas labyrinth. The intention was to create something that would serve as a tool to bridge generations, weave inter-tradition communications, and support community building. I didn't realize how deeply the creative process would take me into my inner multi-generational work. From the spark of inspiration to the final steps of completion and consecration I gained clarity into my vision of, and devotion to the path of Beauty. 
This video steps the viewer through the process from the spark of inspiration to completion and consecration, revealing the call to Beauty."

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