Monday, April 15, 2013

The Numina - Photos from "Awakening" #3

 "Myth comes alive as it enters the cauldron of evolution, itself drawing energy from the storytellers who shape it." 

 Elizabeth Fuller,  The Independent Eye
 So many wonderful photos from Ann Waters with Mana Youngbear, and their community of dancers presentation of The Awakening.  Thank you once again for bringing these masks to life, for truly making them "Masks for the Elemental Powers"!

Diane Smalley as "Storm"

"The mythologies of our present culture are heading us to destruction...we are being called upon to participate in revising the mythic assumptions that we follow."

 Suzi Gablik,  Art Critic

"Desert Spring (Our Lady of the Arroyo)"

Deb Macarthy as "Ocean"

"Ice (Glacier"

Cathy Cantwell  as "Flood"

Elk Macarthy  "Volcano"
Diane Smalley as "Mariposa" (Imaginal)"
"The Lady of Avalon (Sacred Spring)"

Frosty Webber as "River"
Annie Waters as "Dawn of the New Aeon"
Mana Youngbear as "Medicine Basket"

Paula Geroux as "Gaia"

"What the audience saw when a dancer looked through the eyes of the mask was the Goddess  Herself, an ancient and yet utterly contemporary presence, looking across time, across the miles."

Diane Darling, Director, Playwright
Christy Salo as "The Black Madonna"

All photographs are copyright Jerri Jo Idarius, and used with her permission.


Valerianna said...

Amazing, Lauren... and yes, they surely come alive!!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

These masks are simply stunning, mind-boggling in their beauty and message.

The Muse In Willits said...

Paula Geroux Gaia, Diane Smalley, Mariposa, Cathy Cantwell Flood, Deb Macarthy Oceana and Pachamama, Elk Macarthy Volcanoe Frosty Webber Riverface, List is coming today. Nice Images... I am looking forward to more work ...

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Looking thru this post agasn, I am ushered into a mythic world.

Lauren Raine said...

Oh, thanks to all of you for your good words of encouragement! That's really the wealth all of us live for!