Wednesday, September 1, 2021

"Mything Links": Mythic Resources

Since I'm neck high in mythology most of the time when I venture into the studio, I felt like re-introducing one of my favorite sites,  Kathleen Jenks "MYTHING LINKS"
site.  In fact, I feel like sharing here more sites dedicated to "mything" self and culture,  all links to journals,  videos, and individuals that have been important to me.  For those, like myself, who walk the "mythic ways", enjoy!
* In Celebration of Marilou Awiakta

"Our challenge is to bring the Goddess back to life, to envision, create, and inhabit the re-membered living  body of the Earth."


And just as the false assumption that we are not connected to the Earth has led to the ecological crisis, so the equally false assumption that we are not connected to each other has led to our social crisis.



Unknown said...

Link me in, Lauren, Kathy Jones

Lauren Raine said...

Will do indeed!