Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Puzzle Synchronicity

I had a funny, and illuminating, synchronicity the other day, one that I think I need to take to heart!

I can see the street from my dining room window, and sitting at the table I noticed a couple of brightly colored  boxes in the street directly in front of my house.  It seemed strange that they were there, and no other trash or debris, so I went out to investigate.  They turned out to be two puzzles, both new and still in packages inside the boxes.  I have no idea of how they got there, except someone must have dropped them.

Just that day I'd been thinking of several things.  One was the habitual depression if not outright despair I' ve been feeling since the election, a despair that always seems to be heightened after a morning read of Facebook news. Sometimes lately I feel paralyzed by it.

The other thing I'd been thinking about was going to visit a friend in Sedona when I make my cross-country trek this summer - it's a bit out of the way, but it's been on my mind.   I remember in the 80's when we used to make our "pilgrimages" to Sedona, to walk the "vortexes".  I used to always stop there when I was passing by, and walk in Boynton Canyon in particular.    I'm not as idealistic a I used to be,  but Sedona is still a special place,  beautiful and considered by many a power place or sacred place.

So what were these puzzles?  One was "Sedona"...........and the other was called "White House Holiday"!!  Sedona - going to  a special place where people think about geomancy and spirituality and art.  And taking a much needed "holiday" from what's happening in the news and in the White House!  

I think these puzzles so kindly provided by the Goddess of synchronicity and serendipity are not so difficult to put together..........

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Perfect!! Off to Sedona you go!

Trump, I think, is unraveling. This smells like watergate all over again.