Wednesday, November 2, 2016

La Mariposa....a few new Butterfly Women

Butterflies (2016)
It's butterfly season here, a brief spell when butterflies are seen flitting about my yard, and mysteriously fluttering across the busy intersections while one waits for the light to change, somehow miraculously not getting hit by passing cars........a reminder, to me at least, of the numinous and ephemeral in the midst of all this urbanity.   I've written so often about butterflies, I can only repeat myself, but they are an appropriate kind of subject for this time of Samhain, and Dia de los Muertes, the upcoming All Souls Day procession.  The word for "soul" in ancient Greek, "psyche" also meant "butterfly".   And I think of the "Labrys" of ancient Crete as well, the axe that is a butterfly shape, perhaps each "wing" representing the balance of form and opposition that creates a true whole, a Winged Being.

the butterfly's shape.
Whole, winged
always going home.

La Mariposa (2016)