Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Poem for Light

"God's abstention is only from human dialects;
 the holy voice utters its woe and glory in myriad musics,
 in signs and portents.   Our own words are for us to speak,
 a way to ask and to answer."

.....Denise Levertov

There are some gifts that come to us
just once or twice in a lifetime,
gifts that cannot be named
beyond the simple act of gratitude.

We are given a vision so bountiful
we can only gaze with eyes wide,
like a child in summer's first garden.

We reach our clumsy hands
toward that communion
that single perfection
and walk away speechless, blessed.

And breathe, 
in years to come
breathe our hearts open 
aching to tell it well

to sing it into every other heart
to dance it down, into the hungry soil
to hold it before us

that light, 
  that grace given
  voiceless light

Lauren Raine