Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Celestial Navigations and Geoffrey Lewis

I was sad to learn that Geoffrey Lewis died this year.  He seems to be remembered for his roles with Clint Eastwood, but to a great many of us he is remembered as  storyteller, a truly contemporary Bard of the 80's.  I listened to Celestial Navigations with rapture, just as I did the work of the Scottish Bard Robin Williamson.  Those stories will always be imprinted on my imagination.  Thank you to the BARD and his colleagues for a treasure!

And because this Blog is also as much an Archive as a Memoir, I take the liberty (thanks once again to the great generosity of UTube)  of adding below a site that has a great many of his stories, in case you are  maniac like me and can listen to them forever.  And a few of my favorite ones preceed that listing.  Although I'm a film fan, there is something about the listening to Story that really holds to the heart  just as reading a book does, because the listener must fill in the spaces with her or his imagination.  It's not  a passive process.  Viewing a painting is the same - a painting is really a window into another world.  

But the Storytellers.............I find myself becoming a child again, listening before a campfire to that story, wanting to know what happens, and also wanting the story to never end.

For a large collection of Celestial Navigations stories:

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