Friday, July 11, 2014


Here is a story dedicated to Pele, the Goddess of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano.   It was written by a woman who is part Hawaiian, and once or twice was  performed by a fire dancer. Pele is a truly a Spirit of Placer, a  numinous force many feel they encountered  when they visited the great volcano.  She has many native stories, but in telling her story among contemporary people, what arose was that She was one of the  one of the great elemental builders of our planet, the very fires at the heart of the world that  create new land.

I am Pele Honua Mea!

Pele of the Sacred Earth.
I come from the fiery heart of the Earth.
I am creation,
I am molten fire!

I erupted into the ocean

many, many years ago.
I spewed  lava 

in pure ecstasy into the sea,
In ecstasy, I rose in  clouds
of red and black,
and the mountains
rose with me from the ocean floor
the islands you call Hawaii.

I gave these green and beautiful Lands.
Honor my sacred mountain, Kilauea!
Take not one small rock from my body!
Do not violate me!

Or feel my wrath!

You call me capricious,

unable to see that my fires
are the fires of Creation
shaping new lands.
Deep in the sea I stir the waters, 

I stir the air.  I stir the fires 
of newborn  life
as I rise from the core of the Earth.

Begin again
in new and fertile ground!
Be remade 

in this time of the great change! 


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