Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Global Art Project

 Katherine Josten,  for almost 20 years now,  has been creating peace through the cultural exchange of art.  In 2004, the "Masks of the Goddess" were used in a performance that were part of the Global Art Project (Katherine also danced the title role) and an exchange was made with a wonderful dance group in Cameroon, Africa.  Katherine is, truly, a local Heroine.

10th Biennial International Art Exchange for Peace 

Registration Deadline... February 29th

Anyone can participate - adults and children, individuals and groups.
In March/April 2012, participants will create, exhibit and exchange art expressing their ideas of a peaceful global community - resulting in thousands of messages of peace and goodwill simultaneously encircling the Earth during the week of April 23-30.

2012 Global Art Project for Peace Time-Line

February 29: Registration deadline.
March: Create your art expressing global peace (any medium - visual, literary, performance, etc.)
April 1-22: Exhibit/perform your art locally.
April 23-30: Exchange your art with your Global Art Project partner in the worldwide exchange.
Ongoing after April: Community exhibitions of art received.

Since its beginning in 1993, the Global Art Project for Peace has linked 100,000 participants on seven continents! Nominated for a UNESCO Peace Prize, the Project connects people of diverse cultural backgrounds, providing exposure to new ideas and connection to the Whole. 200 Regional Coordinators are helping to organize Global Art Project activities in their area of the world. Participating groups include artist cooperatives, performance groups, churches, corporations, community groups, hospitals, women's clubs, youth and senior programs, and YMCAs. Schools in locations around the world are participating and involving thousands of students from kindergarten through graduate programs.

The purpose of the Global Art Project is to joyously create a culture of peace through art. The Project gives participants in local communities an opportunity to join together to create a cooperative global community. It's an opportunity for you to join your energy with others to seed the future with visions of peace.

The Global Art Project for Peace is a 501(c)3 non-profit, grass-roots organization. For additional information about the Global Art Project for Peace and how to get involved by participating, volunteering and/or funding the Project, visit, or email us at

Katherine Josten


Global Art Project
PO Box 40445
Tucson, Arizona 85717

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Love it. When women come together like this, astonishing stuff happens.