Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Great Green Goddess of Britain Rises again!

I think this time among Avalon and Avebury is, indeed, putting me into some kind of alternate reality.  I have a feeling leaving Glastonbury is going to be traumatic!  I'll never be able to look a Walmart in it's parking lot eye again. I spent yesterday with my old mentor, the dowser and earth energies teacher Sig Lonegren, and his wife Karen, who is a healer.  Today I went with a group to walk through a crop circle near Avebury........more on that later.**(see it below)**

I had to post this article about the Green Goddess of Northumberland, kindly provided by Robur D'Amor.  

Robur has two fascinating blogs (http://roburdamour.blogspot.com/) - thanks once again, Robur!

From a slag heap to a green goddess: How an aristocrat is turning a wasteland into the largest human sculpture ever made

By Robert Hardman

Last updated at 8:29 AM on 16th June 2011

*** Visited today:  Windmill Hill, July 26..... in a vast field of golden wheat.


Valerianna said...

I can feel your alternate reality in your words... want to sink into it, too. Sometimes it happens to me just sitting with the trees in this forest. Today was one of those days. I need to get to return a video to the store before it closes and I can't quite make the transition it will take to head out into the "other' world.

Wonderful that you saw a crop circle, what a cool thing!

Lauren Raine said...

I am convinced that there are many worlds we can live in. what most people call "real" is one of the most limited. Good to hear from you!

sukipoet said...

the green goddess is wild. i love that you will be able to walk on her!

Karin said...

Hi Lauren! You went to the crop circles! Great to now that you went to Wiltshire! Are you still "on the Island"? (Avalon):-). It was great to meet you and I am glad that we had a delightful evening with you. Thanks for the choccies and wine! Hope to meet again,