Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Feast of Samhain

For obvious reasons, I won't be holding my  Feast of Samhain this year (see photos here of previous years Table and Altar).  But that didn't keep me from setting up the Altar to the  Beloved Dead and Ancestors, and of course, putting aside a bottle of wine and assorted treats for the day of Dia de los Muertos.........and leaving a place at the table for Spirit.   

To all who have participated in the Feast of Samhain with me for these years past, Samhain Blessings to all!  I hope that next year finds not only another Feast we can all join in together,  but a world with less chaos to hold it in.   And, of course............. I had to add  this wonderful rendition of "The Parting Glass" in this post. 

With much love and appreciation,


Orbs in my yard, 2012....................

Dia de Los Muertos Procession, Tucson, 2013


Unknown said...

Love the photos and the warm memories of festivities at your place!
And will raise a glass today to the next time!!!

Lauren Raine said...

Wonderful! Thank you!