Sunday, January 6, 2019

Exhibit at Clay Co-op January 11th

I'm very pleased to have a chance to share some of the work I did this past summer, collectively called "Our Lady of the Shards".    I will also be reading from "Aphrodite in Brooklyn and Other Mythic Voices", my recent collection of poetry.  Welcome all who happen to be in the Tucson Area!  

​"Our Lady" lies among the broken shards, debris  and resurfacing mythos of the past.  She has been buried by time, history,  war, and  often the co-option of what was once sacred.  She is the Black Madonna:  the dark, generative Mother  Earth found in the presence of sacred springs and cave, or like Our Lady of the Desert Spring, She is  the numinous Spirit of Place.  And She is also the forgotten, yet life sustaining  work of those unknown women who wove the ancient stories, who birthed our ancestors, the memory keepers and the comforters,  arising into the world again,  insisting that we  remember and reclaim.

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