Thursday, April 10, 2014

"The Blessing Way".....

Navajo sand painting
In the house made of dawn
in the house made of evening twilight,
in beauty may I walk
with beauty above me,
with beauty below me,
with beauty beside me I walk
with beauty all around me I walk
with beauty it is finished."

                .......Navajo (Din`e) 
This is a prayer/poem  I sometimes read as a way of remembering how to "walk".  I love the Navajo understanding of the continual motion and transformation of life,  and their so very important understanding that, from the "house of Dawn" to the "house of Twilight" we can choose to realize beauty all around us.  And their understanding of "beauty" means all that is good, beneficial, worthy of gratitude.

The Rainbow Bridge, an important sacred site for Navajo mythology

"As opposed to the other Navajo [Diné] Chant Ways, which are used to effect a cure of a problem, the Blessing way [Hózhó jí] is used to bless the "one sung over," to ensure good luck, good health and blessings for all. It is sometimes referred to by English speaking Diné as being "for good hope." The name of the rite, Hózhó jí, is translated as Blessingway, but that is certainly not an exact translation. In the Navajo language (diné bizaad) the term encompasses everything that is interpreted as good - as opposed to evil,  all that is favorable for man. It encompasses such words as beauty, harmony, success, perfection, well-being, ordered, ideal. The intent of this rite is to ensure a good result at any stage of life, and therefore the translation of Blessingway.”
Spider Woman weaving

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