Friday, January 4, 2008

The Solstice and Joanna Brouk



light of morning

the fairest light, 

the fairest light has come

softly, I feel its coming

night has given

night has given 

a place to morning 

breath returns

and moistens 

the grass 

the birds feather 

no longer do I hide

no longer do I hide

gone into darkness

light has come


Joanna Brouk 

One more Solstice moment I'd like to share, in the form of a poem from a section of my website called "Found Poems"*, by a long lost friend, Joanna Brouk, written in the winter of 1973. I still find the poem beautiful as it is like music to me, and Joanna was a consummate musician, evoking other worlds with her music,  as well as a poet. In the poem Joanna moves, like a stream, through the rythems of the seasons, night and day, to the Sun's return.  I miss her.

*Update 2021:  That website no longer exists.

**Update 2011:  Joanna and I reconnected, and  renewed our friendship.  And here is a link to Joanna's music.


gd said...

would you happen to have an email contact for joanna brouk? i heard some of her audio works from the early 70's recently and id really like to contact her about them. thanks for posting the poems! greg

Anonymous said...

I actually came across your site because, like the other poster, I was looking for more information and interested in hearing more recordings by Joanna Brouk -- but I just wanted to say that you make such beautiful artwork!! Let it shine!

Love, Ben

PS: I'm not necessarily interested in contacting Joanna Brouk, but I would still like to hear more of her recordings. Do you know how I could do that? I also have a quick question for you about Tucson. If you get a chance, please e-mail me at Thanks, and be well!

Anonymous said...

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