Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pele Mask


I am Pele Honua Mea
Ka wahine ‘ai honua,
the woman who devours the land.

Feel the heat where steam dances
above the earthcracks  at Wahine Kapu,
between the rope folds of pahoehoe lava.
See the play of sunlight
on My ebony skin
a shimmering rainbow of color.

I am She Who shapes the sacred land.

I erupted in the ocean long ago!
In ecstasy I spewed my lava into the sea
in clouds of red, and black and white
I built the islands called Hawaii.

Honor me and my sacred mountain, Kilauea!
Take not one small rock from my body!
Honor  me or feel my wrath!

E nihi ka hele, walk softly!

You call me capricious, violent.
But my fires are the deep fires of Creation
Shaping  new lands:
Deep in the sea
I stir the great waters
I stir the air

Rising from the core of the Earth -
I, Pele Honua Mea
stir the cauldron of life!

Use My energy in correct action
Use My passion for righteous change
begin again in new and fertile ground!

Ignite!  Be transformed
at this time of the great change!
Arise and dance with me!
                    .......Mary Kay Landon

Making masks for the Parliament of World Religions performance, here at last is Pele, the Great Goddess who is the Spirit of Kilauea, the volcano of Hawaii. 

Pele has many native stories, and many contemporary stories of Her peculiar, as well as fiery,  manifestations as well.......

My feeling in making this mask was that She is one of the great Elemental builders of the planet, those great intelligent forces that bring forth the molten source of new lands and new life from the heart of the Earth.

I look forward to seeing the mask performed!


Roll Cage Mary said...

Hmmm....the pale blue "buzz-saw" edged components translate
to me as a 'nod' to the evolution of the terra-forming skill
of early peoples clearing the land for agriculture, to the
breath-taking speed of "steel-toothed beavers".

Hail Pele!
Blisterer of toes.

Lauren Raine said...

Oh oh.......I was trying to suggest waves! The lava flowing into the sea.............

Roll Cage Mary said...

Don't mind me, one of the forces I work with is Vulcan, and
I sensed when I offered that POV, there would be a historical

"In 1951, the forested Mount Lamington (PNG) had not been known as a volcano, before it erupted violently in 1951 and caused one of the 20th century's worst volcanic desasters, killing more than 3000 people."

It seems to be a scurrilous rumour that chain-saws are the cause of massacres!

Hail Pele!

Lauren Raine said...

Yes indeed, Hail Pele! But volcanos also are the great elemental builders and creator of the planet, churning the atmosphere as well as the oceans, bringing forth new land that is rich and fertile.........guess that't what Pele is to me, the Spirit of Place, not really much interested in such insignificant creatures as humans at all.........

Roll Cage Mary said...

You regard your own species as insignificant, do you?

Lauren Raine said...

well, in terms of the long life of Pele, we've barely been here at all......we're only one of the more recent arrivals.

Roll Cage Mary said...

Recent arrivals....hah! Do you have any idea of how long it took for all the elements to come together in just the right way, for the human species to emerge?
Long count of millenia. Then it took even longer to create humans who could distill the waters and make whiskey. Which didn't turn out so well "firewater" and all that. That then led to "fire-and-brimstone" Temperance beliefs; I don't mean the tarot card either.

Anyhoo, I see myself as always having been here, in one form or another. Been nice chatting with you Lauren. Take care.