Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yellow Leaf Press

Since I seem to be on a roll these days with the sheer delight of making (and finishing books that have been long in the process), I've decided to inaugurate (the timing seems good as well) YELLOW LEAF PRESS.

YELLOW LEAF will produce (along with my 4 books - THE MASKS OF THE GODDESS, THE ARTIST'S ORACULAR COOKBOOK, A HOUSE OF DOORS, and SPIDER WOMAN'S HANDS. I hope that in the future I will be able to facilitate, design, or produce through my very humble publishing empire unique, beautiful limited edition books for other artists, poets, and innovators.

Even a decade ago the technology did not exist for people like myself to get their work published ....I know from experience, having had literary agents and submitted many proposals for books to publishing houses.........that it was a very daunting, and disheartening, process.

What I enjoy about the technology that is allowing artists to create professional, beautifully illustrated books through self-publishing is, well, that they can. We can publish on an individual order basis, rather than having to make a huge outlay for a quantity of books. We can market ourselves to our clients, collectors, and at the events we attend, as well as to bookstores and museum shops.

The disadvantages are obvious - the books are more expensive than a commercially printed book would be, and would not generally have the distribution of a commercially printed book.

Which is why they are unique, limited edition, special collectors books.

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