Friday, August 3, 2012

New "Butterfly" Paintings

"bright messenger of hope, vanishing
into some blue distance,
whole, winged,
always going home"
 I fixed up the shed behind my house as a studio, and this is the "inaugural" journey..............


Mana From The Muse said...

The beauty of your work is a description of the greatness of our breath..
Thank you for sharing your precious vision.
It is hot as all get out here...
Oh My Goddess.
Your birthday is coming up soon...
I am thinking of you my Leo sister.

Mana From The Muse said...

It is hot as hell here right now,.
Thinking of you Leo Sister,
I am glad your gifting yourself with a studio and paint to put out all that inner beauty you hold in your sacred body.
I am looking forward to when it cools down here.
I know I should be talking with you in AZ./ however it is still hot here.. UGH
Have a great birthday love.

Lauren said...

Hey Mana,

Thank you! Strangely, it's not all that hot here in Tucson.......we've had a strangely mellow summer, for Arizona that is. Come visit sometime!

Valerianna said...

Beautiful work, Lauren! I'm curious what size they are..?
Glad its not too hot here. I was at Earthlands this weekend at the Daughters of the Earth Gathering (an ALisa Starkweather event) and it was so hot and humid on Saturday that I had to nap for most of the afternoon. Waaaay too hot for me!

Congratulations on the studio space, its a wonderful feeling to set up shop, I think.