Monday, June 30, 2014

Hobby Lobby, and "Religious Freedom"

Well, we may be losing the separation between Church and State, which the founding fathers thought was a pretty good idea at one time......but there is an upside to this.  I can refuse to serve Republicans because it's against my religion. ***

I probably shouldn't rant, we are, a global humanity facing a universal environmental crisis that will surely make life very, very difficult for future generations, a crisis  directly related to overpopulation.  And what are the wise  fundamentalist Patriarchs in power worried about?  Not the misery of those future generations, living in a tragically diminished environment, the loss, starvation, and diminished opportunities they will suffer,  but women's freedom to have birth control or control their bodies at all, because "the Bible says so".  At such times I honestly feel there is no hope.

I might also add that the aggressive,  oppressive actions, and fear-based concept of Christianity these fundamentalists espouse is very distressing to  progressive Christians, and so very ironic, and disrespectful, when one reads the compassionate teachings of Jesus of Nazareth found in the New Testament, or studies the Gnostic teachings of early Christianity.

  How about below?  If that's "love", hate seems downright friendly.


For a list of 100 of the companies, including Hobby Lobby, responsible for this action, and to Boycott:

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Powerful stuff here. And oh so depressing. But I like the solution you mentioned on our blog - you don't have to sell anything to repubs because it's against your religion!