Thursday, June 12, 2014

Friday the 13th and the Full Honey Moon

Full Honey Moon: Friday the 13th Brings Rare Celestial Event

Published: Jun 12, 2014, 4:03 PM EDT

 Calling all Pagans (and pagan hearted sympathizers), tomorrow there will be an Auspicious Event in the skies, a beautiful "Honey Moon", so called for it's amber color.  For some of us, Friday the 13th is not a bad luck day at all, in fact, it's auspicious for the Goddess, and highly misunderstood.  And as for honey moons, that also is something with  a bit of little known history.

For one thing, "Friday" originally was dedicated to the Nordic Goddess Freya, otherwise known as "Freya's Day".  Freya was one of the oldest of the Nordic Gods, one of the Vanir** known for her beauty, her compassion (amber is still called "Freya's tears" ), and  importantly, she was the Goddess of love, sensuality, and, along with Odin, also associated with Seiðr,  sorcery, which may very well pertain to pre-Christian shamanic practices and beliefs.  

There are further connections between "Friday the 13" and the Goddess, the most notable being that the number 13 represents the number of lunations in a year, and in many traditions is sacred to the Goddess or the feminine aspect of deity, because there are thus 13 menstrual cycles in the year.  In many early cultures the year was determined by the number 13, the number of moons.  And last, of course, the Moon is very often associated with the Goddesses, including Selene, Isis, Artemis, and so on...............a lot of "feminine" energy, imagery, his-story, and symbology going on here, and depending on your theological point of view, either very superstitious, or very fortunate!

Last, many people may not realize that in medieval Northern Europe it was often the custom to give a newly married couple a months supply of honey mead, which was considered a very special, rare, and rather magical brew, in the hopes that it might help to bring about fertility and love.  Hence, the "Honeymoon".

John Bauer "Freya"

In Norse mythology, the Vanir (singular Vanr) are a group of gods associated with fertility, wisdom and the ability to see the future. The Vanir are one of two groups of gods (the other being the Æsir) and are the namesake of the location Vanaheimr (Old Norse "Home of the Vanir"). After the Æsir–Vanir War, the Vanir became a subgroup of the Æsir. Subsequently, members of the Vanir are sometimes also referred to as members of the Æsir. 


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