Sunday, November 11, 2018

Slide Show for The Masks of the Goddess Project

Linda Johnson as "Bridgit".  Photo by Thomas Lux
Photo Copyright Thomas Lux (2001)
 In December it will be my pleasure and privilege  to be  giving a talk about the 20 year "Masks of the Goddess Project" at the Temple of the Goddess in Glastonbury, England. This is the slide show that will accompany my talk, I'm rather pleased with it!  I plan on  ending the Project this coming year, and donating and selling the Collection - it's time to let them go to new Storytellers and Priestesses, to do their work in the world.

My gratitude, as always, to the many friends and colleagues who have used the masks and supported their travels, as they filled with Story, Energy, Love, and Reverence, becoming part of the unfolding story of the Great Mother as told by many minds, hearts, voices, dancers, and dreamers. 

No artist could ask for more.


Rob and Trish MacGregor said...

Wow! This is awesome, Lauren. A lifetime's work. Just beautiful.

Annie Bee said...

Such wonderful work with the slides and the art of presentation, you are an artist in so many ways!!! It has been a Great honor to work with you, Lauren. I do hope for more in our time, blessed Bee!

Annie Bee said...

Lauren this is really great work with the choice of slides and your presentation of the magic the masks created, saying that you are an artist in so many ways! I have been honored to work with you and hope to continue to collaborate in our time.
Blessed Be,

lauren raine said...

Thanks to both of you..........yes, a lot of years and travels and so many people I really need to thank. May Her Work continue through all of us!

Barb said...

Lauren, this is so beautiful, so monumental. Great work
you can be proud to have initiated and led and shaped.