Monday, October 31, 2016

Orb Photos of Ginny Moss Rothwell for Halloween

Violet orb
In a past post I shared the wonderful  mosaic art of Ginny Moss Rothwell.  Here's another past post that seems worthy of being seen again.

Ginny is also a researcher, and I find her photographs of orbs that occur in her studio, home, and other places she visits not only quite amazing, but beautiful as well.

No one knows what "orbs" really are.  I've embedded a video about a movie made in 2008 about the phenomenon at the very bottom of this post.  Wikipedia has an article by a cynic who is quite certain they are dust specks, and I'm a bit disappointed with Wikipedia over that, because especially after seeing Ginny's work, it's absurd to make such a claim.

Green orb
Ginny has not only photographed many "fields" of orbs in different places, which refute the "dust on the lens" idea since they clearly appear to receed into space, but, just as she has a friendly, interactive relationship with the birds and lizards that share her back yard, it would also appear she has a friendship with the invisible visitors as well.  I've seen her ask out loud if "anyone is there", and then taken photographs around her person. She has on occasion asked if "they" would present themselves in colors.  Which they often do!

Fairies?  Devas?  Spirits of the dead?  All part of a conversational world.  I do think that they love to gather where ever there is creativity, beauty, and loving kindness.  Thank you Ginny!

Orb field in night sky, backyard.  Circled orbs on close up have the appearance of a "heart" shape within them, according to Ginny, who has examined the photo closely.

Christmas lights and orbs at Winter Haven - Ginny says they seem to manifest often at festivals and gatherings.
Blue orb

Orbs and a strange shape in the back yard by daylight

Orb photographed over head of JZ Knight at conference.  JZ Knight requested that attendees photo her while she lectured.

Friendly visitors on a warm Tucson night.

Orbs on Halloween

Orb in motion

Red orb


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

What fantastic photos of orbs!! Wow.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Lauren, just sent you an email about possibly using one of these orb photos for a blog post. Also sent you a fascinating video on orbs.