Monday, May 14, 2018

GEOSOPHY: An Overview of Earth Mysteries (1988) Part 2 and Continued

"Speak to the Earth, and it shall teach you"    .....Job 12:8

"Like all holy wells, Chalice Well is a feminine place, a place of receptivity to the Earth's spirit.  Here at Chalice Well you can strongly feel the feminine Mother force of the Earth." ....John Michell
Landscape Geomancy, which we are considering in this particular presentation, has to do with placing your structures,  your temples,  homes,  seats of government and healing centers on places on the surface of the earth where what the Chinese called Chi or or vital energy is up welling from the Earth through Geo-magnetic factors such as  water factors.  Animals recognize these places, they will sleep on them or give birth on them.  Ancient people built their sacred structures, like Stonehenge or Avebury, on these sites so as to enhance or amplify whatever rituals, healing concerns, or astronomical measurements were being made there.  Geomany is a way of reading the Earth's body language.  What is Gaia doing at this place?  Is this an energy sink, or an energy source?" .......John Steele

Part 2 and continued (I was not able to upload one of 4 parts of this film, my apologies. I will keep trying.) From GEOSOPHY - An Overview of Earth Mysteries, a 1988 Documentary by Vakasha Brenman. This hard to find video features Paul Devereux, John Steele, Martin Brennan, John Mitchell, Harry Oldfield, and other important researchers of Earth Mysteries and present day Geomancy. "This video takes us to ancient sites around Britain to explore sacred geometry. "Geosophy" literally means "Earth Wisdom" - derived from the name Gaia, Goddess of the Earth, and Sophia, the Greek word for wisdom."

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