Saturday, May 12, 2018

GEOSOPHY: An Overview of Earth Mysteries (1988) Part 1.


"The Dragon Project was named after the symbol of the energy of the Dragon in traditional cultures like China or Wales.  The Dragon was always symbolic of the energy of the Earth, always symbolic of veins of "Chi" or vital life force which ran through the Earth and composed the underlying nature of a sacred landscape.  In China they actually called them "Dragon currents" or "Dragon lines".  (In the 70's) A bunch of us got together - scientists, chemists, physicists, psychologists, archaeologists, instrument makers, and people involved in ley hunting divining.  Ley hunting is based on the concept of Ley Lines, the straight alignment that you can draw between ancient (sacred or energized)  sites.  These are  dead straight alignments that you can accurately plot and see on a detailed survey map."
........John Steele

"Speak to the Earth, and it shall teach you"    .....Job 12:8

 A quote from the Bible tells us to speak to the Earth - but how do we do that?  How in the age of computers and industrialism, the age of global climate change and global we reclaim this "conversation" our ancestors had?

  the first post of the video from 1987 GEOSOPHY:  AN OVERVIEW OF EARTH MYSTERIES.    It's a rare documentary that I was only able to locate in VHS, with some of the premier researchers of Earth Mysteries and Geomancy speaking about their discoveries and research, including magnetic fields associated with sacred places, animal and plant phenomena, and most fascinating to me, the way Sacred Places affect consciousness.  I feel this is so very important, this research,  investigation, and reclaiming of what has been mostly lost to contemporary human society.

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Rob and Trish MacGregor said...

A LOT OF LEY LINES! I'll be back to view the video.