Sunday, September 13, 2015

Music For The Mabinogi

Here's something I never thought to find on the Web, but I was wrong, a piece of very obscure music Robin Williamson wrote for a production of the Mabinogion,  in 1984, the ancient tales of the Welsh Pantheon.  In 1984 Robin Williamson and theatre company 'Moving Being' staged a 3 hour production of the tales form 'The Mabinogi'.  Some of the music was later released on an album by Robin Williamson.

I listened to that album (which is also below) so many times for years and years.......

To me, this music transports me to another time, a mythic realm populated with the Fey, with Rhiannon, with Lugh, with Pryll, infused with a kind of haunting bitter sweet magic that calls across the years and from some high, half-glimpsed green place in the calling woods. 

Robin Williamson 1984 Production of 'The Mabinogi' 

Robin Williamson - Music For The Mabinogi (Full Album)   

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Wow! I can see what you mean about being transported! Just beautiful. I'll be back to listen some more!