Saturday, September 5, 2015

Amaterasu Omikami Mask


 by Mary Kay Landon 

Hail and Awake!
You children of the blue, brown and green earth,
You who tread in space and time.
I come to you today from My shining abode
In heaven
Far away yet so close.

I am Amaterasu Omikami,
The Great Woman Who Possesses Noon,
Ruler of heaven,
Queen of all nature’s forces,
Goddess that is the Sun.

Golden, gleaming,
Startling, luminous,
Fierce — and gentle,
I light your way,
I warm your bones,
I stoke your tired feet,
I fire your imagination.

Without Me
And My brilliance that is so benificent,
The rice and all the other green things of the earth
Would wilt and die.
And there you would squat
At death’s door
Cold — hungry — wicked —
Doomed —
To a fate as premature shadow
In the valley of the dead.

I know, for it almost happened —
Just once.

My drunken brother Susanowo
So angered Me with his bloated pride
I took leave of you.
And hid My light self in a cave,
Refusing to move,
Refusing to come out
Even though outside
I knew
The dark air grew cold,
The plants no longer yielded fruit,
And the World began to die.

All this I nearly allowed —
But the other gods and goddesses,
Facing death, as well,
Gathered outside My cave.
They summoned forth an eight-armed mirror
And hung strings of jewels on the branches of the Sakaki tree,
They muttered ritual sayings,
And the voluptuous young goddess Ama no Uzume began to dance.
She danced —
And danced,
And danced
Whipping up an ecstasy so great among the gods and goddesses
That they began to laugh
And laugh —
Louder and louder


Finally I peeked out of the cave,
Demanding to know —
What the fuss was all about,

And then I saw Myself.
In the mirror.
Amazed by My beauty,
Stunned by the luminescence
Streaming off My brow and filling the world
Turning it once again green,
And coming back to Me
In this reflection.

Today I, Amaterasu,
Goddess of the Sun,
Come to you from My shining abode
To bestow upon you two gifts:

But with these gifts
You must also take
The eight-armed mirror.
Hang it outside your cave.
And aim it directly at your soul.

As I had done before you,
You must venture out of your cave,
Out into My light, My air.
And you must open your eyes,
Into that mirror,
And allow ME
To introduce


As if, 
For the first time.

Welcome home.