Saturday, November 9, 2013

" Before They Are Gone" - Stunning Photos of Vanishing Tribes


'And when they disappear we will lose something that is very, very
 important to us - it's where we came from, it's our origins."


I grew up in the Nuclear Era, with the ever present threat of The Bomb hanging over our future.  Perhaps I am part of an Apocalypse Generation, living with a future that could hold the dream of Star Trek, Space, and a New Age as easily as it could hold the fall of atom bombs. Some of those dreams I remember from the 50's and 60's have come true - the very technology that allows me to write in this Blog is right up there with Robbie the Robot when i pause to consider it.  But  our notions of the future never  could have envisioned "An Inconvenient Truth" -  the Sixth Extinction,  the falling away of so much so quickly.   Who could have imagined there would be a world without polar bears, or tigers, or gorillas, the stuff our childhood legends were made of?

And, so much human diversity as well, disappearing.  So I applaud the  brilliant photos and dedication of   Jimmy Nelson    and what he has to say in the video below about his journey of discovery.  I'm so glad he left this eloquent record of some of the remaining indigenous peoples of our planet.  



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