Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sophia Speaks

I will be your shade in the wasteland.
Take my symbol from this day forth
of my never ending promise.
I will be where your eyes look
I will be there when they're resting
None but me will fill your chalice.
I will be your light and ale and water.
Come with me, and begin again.
I am Sophia: Know Me.

THE VEIL Copyright © 2002
from "Sophia Speaks"

"Know Thyself" is the threshold to Sophia. In the Gnostic Gospel of Saint Thomas, Sophia is called "The silence beyond comprehension." Sophia means wisdom, "to know" in Greek. In early Gnostic Christianity, Sophia was, like the Shekinah of Judaism, the female aspect of God. Churches were dedicated to Her, among them the great Basilica of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. 

I have always admired the visionary power of this Invocation to Sophia performed by The Veil in 2002.


Margarita Slevin - lyrics, spoken word, synthesizer
Deirdre McCarthy - vocals, percussion, drums
Mark Ungar - electric and acoustic guitars
Scott Irwin - drums
Cat Taylor - electric violin

To Listen and visit their website:   The Veil



Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

This is such deeply mythical stuff that I need to get into a different frame of mind to delve. Wow, Lauren. You are one huge myuh lady.

Lauren said...

Thanks my friend.........I think I'm invoking the aid of Sophia myself. It will be my birthday on Sunday, and I've come to the conclusion, with many nudges from the invisible powers that be, that I need to find a life that is more fulfilling than the one I have here, which is mainly as a caretaker and house maintainer. I'm going on a little trip-retreat to see if the Angels of the flux will provide me with some answers......