Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Renfair Closing Parade

The Green Man's Visitation
"And we'll all go together, to pull wild mountain thyme
all along the purple heather, will ye go, laddie, go?"

Photo from Jill in Pomona
While I am a fine artist and a teacher, for more than 30 years I've also created masks for Renaissance Faires.  What can I say.....sometimes I've felt my career should be more dignified, but then, I'd probably have ended up as depressive an artist as Kafka, had I not, well, kind of joined the circus after graduate school.  I keep saying I'll retire, but, well.........what can I say.  The world needs Green Man masks, and the show must go on.   Huzzah! 

Closing day at the California  Faire was memorable this year, coinciding, as it did, with the supposed Rapture and Judgement Day on May 21st so widely advertised on billboards thoughout California.  Many camping at the Faire felt that they were probably not good Rapture material, and so an especially good potluck, and wine selection, was served at several Guild encampments, just in case friends and neighbors were soon to face eternal damnation.

It's customary to begin and end the day with a parade, and this time, the Yeomen and Royal Guard arranged for popcorn and 3-D glasses.

 So, there you have it for another year.  The Rapture didn't come this year after all, so now I can carry on to have an "Out of Bodice" experience.  Next year is the 50th anniversary of the Renaissance Faires, which began with the Pattersons as a benefit for alternative radio station KPFA right here in Southern California way back when.  Guess I'll hang around at least for the Golden Anniversary, which, occurring in 2012, gives us yet another reason to celebrate the end of the world enthusiastically.



Valerianna said...

What fun! And good you didn't turn out like Kafka!!

Lauren said...


T said...

Sounds like great fun, and doing it all with the threat of the rapture (rupture) upon you!! Ha. And your art is much too special for you to ever turn out like Kafka!

EarthwormJames said...

Madame Ovary sez: finally on a machine that allowed me to see the pix. They're terrific - not only well composed, but very evocative. Miss you, and the RenFaires fiercely at times, but glad to know at least one of us is still actively OOB