Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beaches & Synchronicity

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I wanted to remember a funny synchronicity............

I went to the beach with my friend Joanna, and she was called away for a while, so we agreed to meet in front of the stairway that led down to the beach.  While waiting  I meandered  barefoot, picking up some lovely rounded black stones.  I found the perfect black "touchstone" - and then, of course, I needed to find a white stone as well, to complete my "yin and yang" touchstones.

No luck!  There were red, green, brown and yellowish stones everywhere, but not a single truly white quartz pebble.  I saw Joanna sitting on the beach by where we agreed to meet, and with a pocket full of black stones, sat down beside her. Kids were playing around us, making castles of sand.  As we dug our toes into the sand,  I noticed that between us, by my handbag,  was a pile of white stones someone had carefully collected, and then abandoned there in the sand, 10 or 12 lovely, rounded pure white quartz pebbles.  

Ask and ye shall receive indeed!

Living metaphors......... I have a hard time explaining these fanciful moments, sometimes, to anyone else but myself!  But to  continue, there sat Joanna and I at the great warm beach of the great Pacific Ocean, catching up with each other on the events of the past 35 years or so, me playing with my greedy treasure trove of white pebbles, and watching the surf,  speckled with young surfers on their boards.  

We talked about love, our marriages, children,  and being alone now, which we were both well content with.  I remember saying something about not being able to imagine being in a relationship again, all the drama and stress.  As seasoned and salty old veterans of love, we sat there  content to watch the surf roll in. 

 I noticed something bobbing on the waves........"what's that?" I asked, as we were rising to leave. "Well", Joanna noted,  "looks like the surf is bringing it in, whatever it is."  I walked out to catch it, and brought back a slightly deflated, metallic, heart shaped balloon.

It was covered with hearts pierced with arrows, and a great big "Te Amor" on both sides.  

We had to laugh! Just when you think you're done with all of that.........the Ocean brought a Valentine!


kd said...

LOVE this Lauren: love when the Universe speaks with us - and yes I now jealously guard my solitude to give the Universe a voice in my life. Magic!

Valerianna said...

HA! Sweet.... ocean love - rather salty, unpredictable, stormy, sometimes calm, days of the doldrums... quite a ride, indeed. Well, I say, accept the valentine with gratitude, but watch out for salty seamen! (in a rather irreverent mood today!)

Joel Le Blanc said...

That is so beautiful! It reminds me of the saying, "When we smile at the world, the world smiles back."

Lauren said...

thanks so much for your comments, I always feel fanciful when i recount these stories of the 'great conversation" - so encouraging to meet kindred souls who also notice, as you point out Joel, that the world "smiles back".

Valerianna, don't worry about being irreverent - I'm convinced the powers that be are nothing if not irreverent! Well, maybe we'll meet some salty seamen someday.

T said...

Fantastic synchro, Lauren! May you meet many salty seamen.