Sunday, October 29, 2017


Recently I saw Blade Runner II, a terrifying return to the dystopia that featured Harrison Ford as a "blade runner" hunting down rebel androids.  Not long after that a friend sent me a video about "Sophia",  the latest darling of the AI community.  Sophia not only looks human, but she has thousands of facial expressions, she can reason and carry on a conversation, and she is continually LEARNING.  I had no idea that this technology had evolved to that point, where robots are continually learning to be "more human", and increasing their IQ's at a rate that far exceeds any learning potential of a human being.  Check out the last video below where a nerdy technician "interviews" two robots while they have an actual dialog with each other.  That is not sci fi, it's happening now.  

The industry is delighted, and already they are working on models of robot soldiers, and of course, sexy robot porn girls.  In watching some of the videos below, I saw how easy it was for people to project "humaness" onto this pretty machine, to superimpose human values feelings and attachments.   We cannot know the nature of consciousness, but these are still machines. That scares me.........a world where people no longer need to negotiate relationships with other humans?  And as Elon Musk has pointed out, there is no regulation on this technology whatsoever, no effort to consider the impact or potential dangers of such a development as, like Monsanto and others, men once again "play God".  

In the readings America's famous "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce gave about the civilization of Atlantis, he said that at the end "black magicians" became consumed with power lust, and played around with forces they were not meant to.  In the light of Global Warming, Nuclear War, and now this, sometimes I think about all those legends of Atlantis.

Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk and Bill Gates warn about extreme dangers of AI:

Data Scientist Jeremy Howard has studied machine learning for 25 years, warns of dangers:

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Wow, I had no ideas the technology had gotten to this point. I think it's scary.