Saturday, May 28, 2016

a New Studio.....

Is your studio a Sacred Space?
Even if, for now, it's just a scetch book
 or a laptop
 or a table on the porch.

Have a private showing.  
Arrange a series or two like a story,
a vocabulary of  touchstones and talismans:
field notes for the wilderness,
and urban road maps
gathered from a life-long journey
that feels like a 

I'm thinking of building a new studio on my property..........rather, constructing a large (20'x12') shed with a corrugated patio.  It would be a sizable investment, but have a space I can really work.  And the main reason would be to have a space where I can more effectively teach small intensives, offering students both a place to work and rooms in my house as well.  There is no learning like the learning that happens when people live and work together, sharing meals, process and dreams.

Thinking about would be a sizable investment for me, in a time when increasingly I feel funds for the arts are disappearing, as well as, and particularly, venues where artists can share, create, interact, show.  But then, maybe one answer is just to stop paying rent and bringing ones creativity to line the pockets of real estate investors, and do it all right in your own back yard.

I like the idea.  Incubating it................


The Muse In Willits said...

You absolutely should do that!!!! I believe this is a brilliant plan and you would make your money back easily. Go for it!

Valerianna said...

I love the idea!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Love the idea! Invest in your creativity, Why not?