Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Equinox

Here is my prayer and blessing  on this Auspicious Day:
May each and every one of us be Butterfly People, Pollinators of the heart, imagination, and mind - for all those who need us, and for all those who are yet to come.


We dance our oppositions
into legends of hate and love,
light and dark, good and evil.
Both choiceless
and willful,
we return to a deeper need:


rites of reconciliation
with self, soil, 
friend and foe

the Labyrinth.

And at the center,  labrys
the butterfly's shape.

Whole, winged,
allways going home.

Lauren Raine (1999)


Anonymous said...

Balance today and always - a goal worthy of our attention, thank you for the lovely pollinator painting and reminder that we can be in choice in each moment of our lives.
Blessed Be

Valerianna said...

Many abundant spring blessings, Lauren!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Beautiful! May the spring be good to us all!