Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Finger, Two Dots Then Me - poetry by Derrick Brown


Here's a gorgeous spoken word/film a friend sent me, and I felt like sharing it.  Reminds me, just a bit, of  Drew Dellinger.

After the election I was quite depressed for a few days, feeling that I was living just before the Deluge, and every kind of mindless, greedy, banal evil was at work to bring it on just as fast as they possibly could.  In other words, Voldemort wins.

Then I woke up on one of those rare mornings when I seem to hear voices in my head (ok, I'm in good  company there).  This one said "Concentrate on the Ark Builders."  So that's what I've determined to do from now on.  Here's one of those Ark Builders.

by Derrick Brown

Lying together in the park on Seventh,
our backs smoosh grass
and I sayI will love you till I become a child again,
when feeding me and bathing me is no longer romantic,
but rather necessary.
I will love you till there is no till.  Till I die.

And when that electroencephalogram shuts down,
baby, that’s when the real lovin’ kicks in.
Forgive me for sounding selfish
but I won’t be able to wait under the earth for you
(albeit a romantic thought for groundhogs,gophers
and the gooey worms).
I will not be able to wait for you…
but I will meet up with you
and here’s where you will find me:
get a pen–
Hold your finger up
(two fingers if your hands are frail by now)
and count two stars directly to the left
of the North American moon.
You will find me there.

Written and performed by Derrick Brown, produced by Duality Films.


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