Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just some pictures......

Earth Shrine Icon #12 (2012)
"The future enters into us, 
in order to transform itself in us,
long before it happens."


Just felt like posting two images, one a recent sculpture (thank you, Charlie, for letting me turn your hands into a tree), the other a photo my roomate, Amaranta, took of sparks over a bonfire she attended at Halloween.  She seems to be, like my friend Ginny, another person who has orbs show up in her photos (they never do in mine).  This image is beautiful in its own right..........almost, a kind of dance.

Photo by Amaranta Kozach
"Don't just do something.  Stand There."

The Book of Grace


Gail said...

Thanks for sharing.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Those hands are stunning. Interesting photo, too, of the sparks and the orbs. So you sold your place and moved already??

Lauren said...

Thanks! Oh no.......I've been living in my mother's house in Tucson, which I have inherited. But I have to sell the motorhome, alas. Sometimes I very much miss having a home on wheels.........